Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Just to give you all an update on me. I went back to the dr today for a check up and my doctor put me on partial bed rest. Mainly because I thought i was having alot of braxton hicks contractions but apparently my dr dont really think that they are braxton hicks though bc their are to many and they last for to long and I have been having alot of pressure..She also checked my cervix to make sure it is closed and it is which is good news!!! While she was checking me she felt baby A's foot..I told her one girl was really low but i guess she got to see what i was talking about:)) In a couple of days I will be set up on home monitoring also..Basically which is just the contraction machine that they use in the hospital i think to monitor my contractions and the home program that they use will communicate back and forth with my dr i guess..I will know more about it in a couple of days..Otherwise I have gained another wopping 4lbs.My total so far is at 12lbs. Im measuring at 28 when Im 22 weeks. THe babies heartbeats were great 146 and 153. Lets see what else well i suppose besides the no sleep that i get bc of the pain..but i guess that is Gods way of preparing me for whats in store right???:)) I go back in 2 weeks again for check up and another ultrasound.

As promised here is the video of Avery doing the itsy bitsy spider..if you don't listen to the guide:p You will hear Avery trying to sing itsy bitsy spider:))

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Avery loves to entertain herself all day by doing pat-a-cake and itsy bitsy spider..she will literally go from one to the other or just do one song over and over usually it is itsy bitsy spider she loves that one but she has just learned pat-a-cake..I have to say she is a really fast learner and just thinking which one Ill teach her next!! She has really been picking up on actions or signs lately. But anyways here she is doing pat-a-cake..just dont mind the guide:)) I got itsy bitsy spider on tape too but it took long enough to upload this one so look for it tomorrow hopefully:))

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Orchard

This past weekend we went up to Sky Top Apple Orchard..We have gone up there the past three years..It is always been fun..This year well i wasn't to keen on the all the walking but some how i managed to get through it..We ended up getting a half of busell of Macintosh and jonagold. I believe them were the kinds that i used last year to make applesauce and it was so YUMMY!!!! They have barnyard animals that you can walk around and see..hayrides..a bamboo forest that is really neat..every different kind of apple.( i never realized how many different kinds of apples there were..and you can sample them all:)) and a bunch of different stuff for kids to play on..and lots more but the BEST part is the fresh apple cider slushy and caramel apples..oh YUMMY!!!!

The girls picking apples

The girls in the bamboo forest

Jared and Avery going through the bamboo forest

The girls in the apple house

Enjoying our caramel apples and apple cider slushies

Avery wanting help to open her pumpkin cup to drink her apple cider..she loved it!!

Every year I take the girls picture in front of this..its fun to see how much they have grown each year..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We are having....

Well just got home from the dr. and We found out that we are having TWO GIRLS!!! Apparently we are just suppose to have girls.. Five girls!!!! WHew!! WEll the babies are measuring good..they are measuring one week behind at 19w2d and i am 20w1d. They are 10 ounces each. They both look really healthy..organs and everything. sigh. I have only gained 7lbs and Im already half way done so she was a little worried about that but the GIRLS:)) look good so I dont cant be that bad right??!! I just can't beleive that I have only gained feels like ALOT more than that..That pretty much sums up it all up!!