Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Buddy walk

Our local Buddy Walk will be October 15th.. i finally signed up for it..the papers have been sitting on my desks for a couple of weeks now...We have not did it the last two years bc the one of the years i was pregnant with the twins and i was stuck on the couch per dr orders.. and this last year the twins were still to little and Jared was gone to a wedding and i wasnt about to take them out by myself!!!:)) So  I am very excited about this year..if you remember from two years ago Avery came in second for raising the most money..Wooohoo!! 
This year will be family Connection of SC 4th year hosting the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness in Spartanburg. Over the last 16 yrs the Buddy walk has grown from 17 walks to nearly 300 expected in 2011 across the country and around the world. Last year alone, 285,000 people participated in a Buddy Walk!!!  They raised more then 11.2 million to benefit local programs and serices as well as the national advocacy initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down Syndrome.  Families statewide will benefit from the funds raised through support and awareness programs initiated by Family Connection of SC. Family Connection is a great organization whose mission is to strengthen families who have children with disabilities, special needs, and chronic illnesses through a network of parent-to-parent support. (They have set us many times to help us talk to parents that have or are going through the same thing)
The Buddy walk is a one mile walk so anyone can participate. It is a wonderful, heart-warming event that celebrates the many abilities and accomplishments of people with Down Syndrome.
To donate click on the little widget on the top of my sidebar and it will take you directly to my fundraising page that is simple, fast and totally secure. But if you are not comfortable with that you can send me a check to..payable to-Family Connection of South Carolina, Inc
Many thanks for your support!

Watertown Pool

One of the last days that we were there we went to the pool..this time though I made sure I put Avery’s regular swimsuit on so we didn’t have any repeats from when we went to the pool in Sioux Falls. This time though I wish I would she would have been in the other swimsuit. She walked out to the little sprinklers and decided that she would keep walking so she could go swimming in the actual pool. I really didn’t think she would keep walking but dummy me I guess..bc she did and she kept on walking right on over her head. She didn’t care at all!!  So I go after her in my clothes in all and get her..little stinker!!!! It didn’t even phase her either..she just kept swimming like no biggie!!!!
Avery on her waterslide that she just loved!!!
The girls on the lazy river..the waters  about ready to dump on them..
The girls with Gabby having a snack!!
What a cute picture of Gage and Avery together!!!
The waterslide above is the only one that Brielle would go is enclosed too but you ride on a raft going down. Have I ever told you how much I HATE waterslides…well I really do…So Brielle wanted me to go on the one that is enclosed bc you can ride two people and I tried and tried to get out of it but she wasn’t having it..and I didn’t want to tell her I was scared bc I didn’t want my fear to become her fear (like my snake fear did)Smile so I finally went with her and let me tell you I almost peed my pants I was so scared and after the ride Brielle goes “Mom that was soooo much fun wasn’t it????”  Um sure Brielle if u say so!!!Winking smile “So do you want to go with me again Mom??? I quickly told her..Nope Im all can go…and just my luck Destiny seen us going on it and she wanted to go with me too and I tried to weasel my way out of that one too but she wouldn’t let me either..what is up with the girls thinking that since one did it the other has to do it too???!!!!! The second time around wasn’t as bad but it was still bad..but lucky me Destiny didn’t like that one either so we were both all set on that one and she didn’t bother me to go again with her..but Brielle did get her to go once more with her.
Here are  a few more of the waterslides that they have there..Out of the two Brielle wouldn’t go on any of these ones and Destiny would only go on the red one which is also enclosed but you go on your butt..

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day at the lake

One day while we were there we spent the day at the lake with my friend Danelle and her kids. It was very relaxing and we all enjoyed it a lot!!! It was actually kind of nice to drive only five minutes and we were at a lake that we could go swimming at..bc down here we have to drive over an hour to go to any lake that we can go swimming of shore at. Which is one thing that I totally hate about this place!!!  I grew up at the lake..I was always there…and I miss doing that a lot!!
Brielle, Kassie, and Destiny
Avery and Dawson playing in the sand!
Danelle is going to love me for putting these on…love ya DanelleWinking smile!!!!
Both my babies HATE the sand..and one Hates the water u can imagine how much fun she had..they both pretty much stayed right on this blanket and stayed put!!
Thanks Danelle for a great day at the lake!!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Laura Ingles Pageant

We went to the pageant while we were there too with my mom…last year when we were in SD we went to Desmet to Laura Ingles Homestead but this year we decided to do the pageant and I'm glad we did..It was so neat. 102_5915
The pageant is where they take a book and they reenact parts of that book. The book that they were doing was ..”By the Shores of Silver Lake” The girls absolutely loved this!!!!  but they have read some of the books before too so they knew kind of what was going on..The first part was extremely HOT until the sun went down a little.
They had rides that you could ride in the wagon on..{the ride itself wasn’t that great but it still looked coolWinking smile}
Grandma with the girls..we left the twins home with Jared's parents and just took the older girls which I am really glad that we did!!!
Avery got to sit up in the front and thought she was pretty neat!!  The other girls were pretty jealous!!
Avery is a little hot can u tell????!!!!
Doesn’t my mom make a cute Pa??? hehe!!!!
While we are waiting for the show to begin…it was sooooo hot!!!!
A couple of the different sets!!!
A fiddler…and the other picture is the narrator
Laura and Carrie during a scene
The girls with Pa and Ma after the show!!!
and it wouldn’t be complete with out a sunset on the prairie right???!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Michelle’s baby shower

While I was in SD my awesome beestie friend Michelle was there too from Washington..and they threw her a baby shower bc she is going to have her first baby{which is about time if u ask meWinking smile}…which I am very excited for her..she is going to be a GREAT mommy!!!! Here are a few pictures from that…she was 24 weeks and look at that tiny baby bump but look at that glow:)!!!
Isnt she a cute pregnant lady???!!!!
We were playing a game..where u had to smell the diapers and guess what was in them..some of them were not pleasant smelling at all!!!!
Avery giving Kamalee kisses!!!
Avery and Kamalee…
Playing ring around the rosies…
While we  were there we did a little photo shoot of Michelle..we both wished she would have been farther along but oh well I think we still got some great shots considering my good camera was broke!!!! Here is a little  big sneak peek for you Michelle!!
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100_6886 c
100_6896 bw
100_6917100_6924 c
100_6925 c
100_6930 bw100_6932 c
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