Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Smiles:)))

Last week the girls managed to give me there first real smile:))..but trying to get that captured on camera is a BIG challenge..they dont smile alot yet (most of the time they are crying i sure hope they are going to grow out of this colicky thing quickly) so you have to be quick on your toes..well the pics arent that great..but at least i got a few huh??? Not sure why they both have there eyes closed either...





A guy that Jared works with gave hime som tickets to the wasnt no shriners circus either.We dont get the Shriners circus here.I wish we did though bc it is much cheaper!! It was the Ringling Bros Circus..ya know the Greatest Show on the Earth..basically the bigggest rip off and money trap for parents:D So Jared and the girls went to the circus with Brian and Bryleigh. The girls loved it but Jared said that it wasnt that great..(Michelle they had way better seats then what we had when we you remember that??) I was so jealous I wanted to go:(( but the girls did bring me home a bag of cotton candy:)) Guess how much that bag of cotton candy cost...$10..I about fell over backwards when Jared told me that but I did enjoy every bite of the sugary stuff:)) There is nothing like circus cotton candy!!! Sorry about the pics..Brielle took them with her camera..(i really should of got her a better camera huh??) guess its kind of my fault..she took way more of course but only two turned out...

Check out that huge sucker:D I wonder how long it will take them to eat that...hehe!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It has spread...

So our sickness has spread..I told you before we were just waiting to see who it was going to hit next...and of course Avery had to get it...she was up all night throwing up and diarrhea..the good thing is that it only lasts 24hrs..and then Brielle stayed home today to bc she said that her stomach hurt and has been laying around..they get so bored just laying around on the couch..Im just hoping that it stays away from the babies..

The babies are still colicky..if anyone has any tips or tidbits please feel free to comment and let me know:)) It is pretty stressful. Why do they both have to be colicky!!!! I have been using gripe water....gas drops...swaddling tight..there cradle rocks side to side..tried switching there formula..hmm...what havent i tried is the real question..its really bad in the morning is pretty much the only time i can get a little bit done..

Last night we had Avery puking like crazy and two crying babies...which= not a fun night!!!!

Avery went potty once on the potty.. i had just got changing her poop diaper and thought this is so bad that im going to try to put her on the toliet..she will be three next i told her potty in sign (we have been working on this sign with her for awhile now) and then i put her on the toliet..she did not want to stay on there but after holdng her there she did go and then hopped of so fast when she was done..But she was so happy with herself...and of course i was exstatic. I know we are a LONG ways from actually being potty trained but at least she knows the sign for potty and knows what the potty is it is a start right:)))

Other exciting news...we are finally getting in home thereapy again..oooohhhh it will be so nice with the babies..Last week was her last week taking was sad to say good-bye to her therapists that she has had for the last two and half years but i know this is the best situation for us right now..i just hope we have better luck with in home thereapy this time then we did last time..last time it was a huge disaster..but they did leave her on the list for a few months just in case i decide that in home isnt working out then she can get right back into the hospital with having to go onn the waiting list again... So this week the new speech therapist came and Avery did really well adjusting to someone new...she was really impressed with how many signs that Avery knew.. and was using two signs help please...just not help..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Everyone!!! I hope you all had a great day....Mine was not that great. I had a date with mr.toliet all day..We apparently have a stomach bug going around...Destiny had it saturday and then right away i had to get it on hey!!!! Why oh why do i have to get it..i hate puking!!! The good thing is it was a quick 24hr bug...and Im glad that I got it on the weekend at least so Jared could take care of the who will get it next?????

My heart cake pretty neat huh?? I saw it on Holly's blog and thought i would give it a try...very time consuming..but the girls really liked it..the inside is suppose to be a heart..if you want to give it a try head on over to Amanda's blog for the recipe...and how to instructions..

Snow Day

We did indeed get some snow and the girls had lots of fun!!

This is out our front door...

Avery loving the snow..we couldnt stop her from eating it..she loved it...

Crazy silly girls..they were sliding down the front of the van...

oohh...what is this stuff...

See Avery you eat the snow...

Where is this stuff coming from?? She was always looking up and couldnt figure it out...

Dont put me down...dont put me down..Avery hanging on for dear life..she did not want to go outside in the snow and she did not want Destiny to put her down..but then once she got down she was ok..

Friday, February 12, 2010

One Month

Wow..has it really been a month already..As many of you know I had to take an unexpected trip back home to SD. It was nice to see everyone:)) I was glad to get back home though to my warmer weather..but I guess today it sounds like we might get some snow too..Since we have gotten home though they have been very hoping that they grow out of it sooner then later.. Im not sure what happened..Can my help come back please:)))) Do i get anything done??? Pretty much no!!! Our other exciting news....I am finally getting in home therapy again..It will be so nice with the Im keeping my fingers crossed that it works out this time..

Well here are a few pics from my SD trip..sorry I have been neglecting my blog ill try to be more on top of it:))
Destiny trying to ice skate at Grandma and Grandpas...she did a pretty good job for only doing it one other time..

Cousins-Jayla, Jianna, and Rylan...they are only a week apart..Rylan is younger..

4 generation pic with the twins

My grandma with the twins...(she also had twins too)