Friday, February 12, 2010

One Month

Wow..has it really been a month already..As many of you know I had to take an unexpected trip back home to SD. It was nice to see everyone:)) I was glad to get back home though to my warmer weather..but I guess today it sounds like we might get some snow too..Since we have gotten home though they have been very hoping that they grow out of it sooner then later.. Im not sure what happened..Can my help come back please:)))) Do i get anything done??? Pretty much no!!! Our other exciting news....I am finally getting in home therapy again..It will be so nice with the Im keeping my fingers crossed that it works out this time..

Well here are a few pics from my SD trip..sorry I have been neglecting my blog ill try to be more on top of it:))
Destiny trying to ice skate at Grandma and Grandpas...she did a pretty good job for only doing it one other time..

Cousins-Jayla, Jianna, and Rylan...they are only a week apart..Rylan is younger..

4 generation pic with the twins

My grandma with the twins...(she also had twins too)


Michelle said...

The girls may be starting to look a little diff... or is it just the pic? :) i pray for your sake that the get over their cranky stage very fast! I wish i could come back to help you out some more!!

Holly said...

I agree with michelle they are looking different:) Thanks for the update but Im sure you have your hands a little full to stay on top of everything!!