Monday, May 16, 2011

I am blessed!!!

I just had to share with u all what Brielle came home with is the best bday present I could' ve asked for..she worked on it in centers, and writing was to sweet not to share:)) I feel truly Blessed!!!! ( just wanted to show u all that she can be a sweetheart even though she puts me through the hoops sometimes..:)


The girls always want there hair curly…so we tried rag curls on them…basically all it is strips of fabric and then you roll the hair…and sleep with it over night…
This is the result…Destiny’s is right after it came does relax after awhile..Brielle's is the next day…
For our anniversary we ended taking the boat out on the lake and doing a little fishing with out any was soooo cold but so quiet!!!!!!!

We went horse back riding over at my SIL house one Saturday and Avery LOVED it..all of my older girls loved older girls love horses..Destiny especially is always beggin us to get horse back ridding lessons or a horse but I don’t think you can put a horse on our yard..we might get looked at funny or get called rednecks!!!

I have also been battling with major headaches…I went and got my eyes checked..turns out I need reading that a sign that I am getting older???? HA!!  Also I went and did some blood work but it all came back ok…but after talking to the dr about them he thinks they are migraines so he gave me some migraine medicine to try and also gave me something to take at night to take every night for awhile to try to get them to stay away…Tried taking it but kept me groggy feeling the next day and I cant have that when im trying to take care of Avery and the twins so I havent taken it…the migraine medicine well that kind of knocked me out so Im not really liking that…I might try the chiropractor now..I've been battling this issue ever since I have had my twins..I had a two week headache after I had my twins..I still had some ibuprofen left from when I had my twins and I was taking that but they don’t even touch them and its 800mg..I stopped drinking caffeine thinking that was my problem..I tried a few different other things and I still couldn’t get them to stop…We will see..
My mom is coming down here from SD tomorrow and staying for two weeks so we are all looking forward to that.Its been over a year since she has been here!!! and then at the end of May my  mom is staying with the kids so Jared and I can enjoy a very nice getaway to Cancun with no kids..aahhhh!!!!  Counting down the has been forever/years since Jared and I have had a night away with no kids..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brielle my little actor!!!

So on Saturday morning Brielle tells me that her eyes are burning and that everything is blurring and she cant see at first IM thinking pink eye or something but then I look and they don’t look very I go to hold up a couple of fingers and ask her how many fingers I am holding up and she says three when there really are two…and then I do it again and she gets it wrong…so then I have Jared do it and she gets it wrong again…so then I start to panic a little..asking her did she hit her head or thinking something internally is going on…I become panicky over it all and debating whether or not I should take her in the ER bc something is majorly going on….but Jared says that I should just wait and see what happens.. so I do…I ask her a couple times over the weekend if she was just making it up bc she wanted glasses and she looks at me directly and says she's not and she don’t want I believe all day Sunday she complains that her eyes are burning and everything is still fuzzy…so I get her to the dr on Monday right away in the morning and we go in the eye dr and the nurse has her read the letters and no kidding you would of thought she was blind…so I really start to panic and Im thinking I know you cant loose your sight over night but what in the world happened ….I m still thinking that it might be something internally  going on… and really start to pray right about now so then the dr comes in and plays around with all the different lenses and really checks out her eyes…and then looks at me and says that she is borderline nearsightness and that she would be his number one pick if he needed someone to tell a story!!!!  WHAT???!!!!!!!  You are telling me she made the whole thing up!!!  You can just about see the steam rolling out of my ears right about now bc I feel so dumb/embarrassed now and also I am sooooo mad right now!!!!  So on the way home she still don’t know that I know that she made the whole thing up so I ask her again so are you sure you don’t just want glasses and once again she says that she don’t want them…so then I ask her how come the dr said that you don’t need them..I don’t know she says…So I gave her her chance to explain right????!!!  Finally I told her she can either have this talk with me or we will wait until your dad comes home and then we will talk about this…so she started talking right away..she mumbles under her breath that she made the whole thing up….ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!   I cant believe that my little first grader would do this…Kids I tell ya they sure do put you through the ringer sometimes!!!! {this happened a couple of weeks ago but just getting around to writing about it}

Monday, May 2, 2011

Zoo and Circus

We went to the Shriners circus during spring are a few pictures from that…cant have a circus without the clowns….
The clown doing an act on the horse..he was making fun of one of the acrobats that had just went..…it was so funny..
The girls at the circus…
The only really animal at the circus..where did all the animals go??? There used to be so many animal acts when I was kid and went to the circus…
We also went to the zoo…the girls had fun with some of there cousins…
Check out that giraffes tongue…cant believe it is that long…eeeeewwww!!!
Avery has no fear what so she is trying to pet this lion through the glass..whew thank goodness there is glass!!!!