Monday, May 16, 2011


The girls always want there hair curly…so we tried rag curls on them…basically all it is strips of fabric and then you roll the hair…and sleep with it over night…
This is the result…Destiny’s is right after it came does relax after awhile..Brielle's is the next day…
For our anniversary we ended taking the boat out on the lake and doing a little fishing with out any was soooo cold but so quiet!!!!!!!

We went horse back riding over at my SIL house one Saturday and Avery LOVED it..all of my older girls loved older girls love horses..Destiny especially is always beggin us to get horse back ridding lessons or a horse but I don’t think you can put a horse on our yard..we might get looked at funny or get called rednecks!!!

I have also been battling with major headaches…I went and got my eyes checked..turns out I need reading that a sign that I am getting older???? HA!!  Also I went and did some blood work but it all came back ok…but after talking to the dr about them he thinks they are migraines so he gave me some migraine medicine to try and also gave me something to take at night to take every night for awhile to try to get them to stay away…Tried taking it but kept me groggy feeling the next day and I cant have that when im trying to take care of Avery and the twins so I havent taken it…the migraine medicine well that kind of knocked me out so Im not really liking that…I might try the chiropractor now..I've been battling this issue ever since I have had my twins..I had a two week headache after I had my twins..I still had some ibuprofen left from when I had my twins and I was taking that but they don’t even touch them and its 800mg..I stopped drinking caffeine thinking that was my problem..I tried a few different other things and I still couldn’t get them to stop…We will see..
My mom is coming down here from SD tomorrow and staying for two weeks so we are all looking forward to that.Its been over a year since she has been here!!! and then at the end of May my  mom is staying with the kids so Jared and I can enjoy a very nice getaway to Cancun with no kids..aahhhh!!!!  Counting down the has been forever/years since Jared and I have had a night away with no kids..

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