Monday, September 29, 2008

An Exciting Day!!!

Well I have meaning to post this on Friday but we have all been sick this weekend so I was pretty much vertical so i didnt get a chance to do it.But just wanted to share some exciting news with you about Avery...Avery walked pushing a walking toy all by herself all the way accross the room. She has done it with help before but Averys E.I. brought over a different walking toy that works really well for her. IT doesnt go as fast bc it is much wider so she can do it on her own. She really enjoys it. If i get to feeling any better today I will try to get a video on here of her doing it but probably wont be happening since i also have to take care of two other sick I'll probably have better luck getting it on tomorrow. or even a picture:))

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Went to the Nutritionist

Yesterday Avery had an appointment with the Special Needs Dr./Nutritionist. Avery was still at 21 lbs. But that only puts her in the 10% for weight on a dow syndrome growth chart..can you believe it..its exciting bc we are finallyy on the charts..but then again i cant believe that we are only at 10% bc she is my little chunky monkey:)) So she still wants to keep her on pediasure..but i am going to do half pediasure and half milk. We are still having to use thick it to thicken all of her liquids. She also wants me to keep introducing alot of new foods and give her protein with every i ask her what do i give her for breakfast bc she dont like eggs and i cant give her yogurt every day for know what she suggested..tuna..haha!! yummy:)) So I guess i am going to have to get creative..if any one has any suggestions please feel free..Avery is really particular about foods. she is getting to be a really picky eater but i think alot of it has to do with sensitivity. I have to watch how cold something is or how hot something is. And the textures and just keep introducing as many new foods and textures as possible. When she has a variety of foods that she eats then she said she would take her off pediasure. I alo got to go and get some flax seed..she wants me to try to give her a couple of tablespoons a day and see if that helps with the pooping issues..if it does we can cut back on the miralax.
We had a great week in therapy. In PT they are working on getting her to walk with a push toy and she is doing such a good job. she walked accross a room with hardly any help at all. In speech they are just trying to get her to talk more and be able to say more words and they are helping with introducing more textures too for feeding. In OT she has been working on stacking blocks..she almost has it:) and taking things in and out, on and off..and being able to reconize them words.
Thank you thank you to everyone that donated for the Buddy Walk for Avery!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it. You are all so kind and generous!! I have an awesome family and I love you all!! Jareds business was awesome to they gave a very generous donation total I raised..are you ready for this???!!! $1400.00
Isnt that awesome!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

We had a great weekend!! Destiny had her first experience at mowing the lawn all by herself!! She thought it was fun at first but then realized it was actually work and no longer liked it. Check out Destiny she is making a fashion statement:)) The other picture is the lawn..she was all over the place...

We also went to a park and had a fun little photo shoot..i'll post some of them pictures later...but Avery must of been pretty worn out. She fell asleep in the highchair. I have never had any of my girls fall asleep in the highchair while eating. lol:))

Friday, September 12, 2008

Avery finds TROUBLE!!!

What happens when you leave Avery alone for a couple of minutes...well she gets into Trouble!!! She found one of the girls marker and had so much fun writing all over herself...and she got so mad at me when I took the marker away..and of courseI had to take a couple of pictures:))

I am working on getting a video on here of Avery check back later and I will probably have it up..cross my fingers...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CBS Special Airing Tonight!!!

Tonight on the CBS Evening News aired a special on prenatal testing for down syndrome. IT was so awesome!! As many of you are aware, that I absolutly hate the fact that they give that prenatal test in the first trimester. BC it gives so many false positive results and then they have an abortion if it comes back postitive. The stats are 90% of down syndrome babies are aborted..I know that is a very sad stastic. but the reason why that number is so high is bc of that stupid blood test that they give you the option to have. So on that piece they were trying to bring that to the publics eye i guess. There is a group of people that are trying really hard to get that test abanished!!! And i hope they do get it!!! I did not have the test and I am SOOOOOO glad that i did not have it. Sarah Palin being elected for VP candiate is bringing some much needed attention to down syndrome community. The piece was very short but pretty informative!! Here is the link if you want to go and watch it....

Buddy Walk

Last year we did participate in the Buddy Walk but that was pretty much the extent of it..This year I am trying to get more invloved..So what is a buddy walk you ask???
The goal of the Buddy Walk is to promote understanding and acceptance of people with down syndrome. In addition, we raise funds to help support families of individuals with down syndrome., local support groups, and hep research efforts of the National Down Syndrome.
The Buddy Walk is less then one-mile walk in which anyone can participate. The walk was started by the National Down Syndrome Society in New York City and has grown from 17 walks throughout the country to more than 270 walks in the United States!!! Last year more than 235,000 people nationwide supported the Buddy Walk.
Well Avery's EI asked if we would walk with her company this year instead of walking by ourselves so that is what we are going to do..but i am still trying to raise some anyone interested in donating to Averys cause please let me know!! Your tax-deductible donation will help all people with Down Syndrome step towards a bright tomorrow:) If Avery raises $250 her name will be on the the back of the buddy walk t-shirts:)) so thats my goal!!! For any Buddy Walk Pledges make checks payable to Family Connection of South Carolina. I need them by next friday..september 19th..Our Buddy Walk is October 19th!!!

Sarah Palin

I usually dont really follow politics at all..As many of you know Sarah Palin has a 4 month old boy with Down Syndrome and he is so cute by the way...but i just wanted to post a clip from Sarah Palin's speech that just moved me and yes of course I was bawling as I was watching her....

""Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge. And children with special needs inspire a special love. To the families of special-needs children all across this country, I have a message: For years, you sought to make America a more welcoming place for your sons and daughters.
I pledge to you that if we are elected, you will have a friend and advocate in the White House."

All i can say is she is one STRONG woman!!!

Welcome Everyone!! I decided to start my own blog...I didnt know this was possible until Amy(jared's cousin) started one and I relized that this would be much easier then my caringbridge site. Since the caringbridge site is suppose to be for sick ones and Avery really isnt sick anymore but I know that our family still likes the updates and pictures so that is why i decided to start this thanks amy for showing me technology that i didnt know exist:))
So what has been going on with Avery lately you all have been asking me?? Am i slacking that much..well Avery had an appointment with the hearing doctor last week..he said that everything still looked good. She did have some fluid in the middle ear but thought it would just need to be watched to make sure that it goes we are going to go back in 3 months instead of 6 months to check out the fluid situation.
She also had an appointment with the GI doctor was pretty routine check up..he just wanted to see how she was doing on her acid reflux medicine and the miralax. So he said just keep doing what we have been doing and he will recheck her in 6 months..So she has to have one tablet of prevacid a day to help the reflux and miralx everyday or she will get plugged up..The one thing that shocked me was her weight..Avery now weighs 21lbs..YES!!!! that is right i said 21lbs..i couldnt believe it..she definately does not have a problem with her weight anymore!!! YES!!!!
Destiny started first grade this year..she loves it first she hated it because they split up all of her friends so she wa snt with any of her friends...Brielle started k4 preschool this year..she goes everyday from 8-10:45 so she rides the bus home afterwards..she loves it!!! The first day was tough she of course cried but the next day she was over it..
So I guess that is it for now..