Thursday, September 18, 2008

Went to the Nutritionist

Yesterday Avery had an appointment with the Special Needs Dr./Nutritionist. Avery was still at 21 lbs. But that only puts her in the 10% for weight on a dow syndrome growth chart..can you believe it..its exciting bc we are finallyy on the charts..but then again i cant believe that we are only at 10% bc she is my little chunky monkey:)) So she still wants to keep her on pediasure..but i am going to do half pediasure and half milk. We are still having to use thick it to thicken all of her liquids. She also wants me to keep introducing alot of new foods and give her protein with every i ask her what do i give her for breakfast bc she dont like eggs and i cant give her yogurt every day for know what she suggested..tuna..haha!! yummy:)) So I guess i am going to have to get creative..if any one has any suggestions please feel free..Avery is really particular about foods. she is getting to be a really picky eater but i think alot of it has to do with sensitivity. I have to watch how cold something is or how hot something is. And the textures and just keep introducing as many new foods and textures as possible. When she has a variety of foods that she eats then she said she would take her off pediasure. I alo got to go and get some flax seed..she wants me to try to give her a couple of tablespoons a day and see if that helps with the pooping issues..if it does we can cut back on the miralax.
We had a great week in therapy. In PT they are working on getting her to walk with a push toy and she is doing such a good job. she walked accross a room with hardly any help at all. In speech they are just trying to get her to talk more and be able to say more words and they are helping with introducing more textures too for feeding. In OT she has been working on stacking blocks..she almost has it:) and taking things in and out, on and off..and being able to reconize them words.
Thank you thank you to everyone that donated for the Buddy Walk for Avery!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it. You are all so kind and generous!! I have an awesome family and I love you all!! Jareds business was awesome to they gave a very generous donation total I raised..are you ready for this???!!! $1400.00
Isnt that awesome!!

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