Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The girls had so much fun with Grandma

We were so blessed to have my mom come down for Christmas this year..The girls had so much fun with her and we hated to say goodbye to her..On our way home after we dropped her off Destiny has one small plea to all of her grandparents!!! She wants them all to move down here to SC, she misses you all!!!! We all miss you all!!

Playing Wii bowling..and yes we got her to play too..lol

Playing pretty, pretty, princess:)) (i know u will love this mom)

Baking christmas cookies

Making a gingerbread house


Just a few pictures from Christmas..one is a picture of all the cousins that are in south carolina..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How do you get a 1 1/2 year old to take medicine???

Alright everyone i am having a time and half trying to get Avery to take her antibiotic medicine..and am getting really frustrated with it..she is a VERY stubborn little girl..i think we will have our hands full when she gets older:)) Well i have tried to take it will a spoonful of sugar but she dont like the grainy stuff in her mouth..and then we have tried blowing in her face to make her swallow well she just hold's it in her cheek..we have tried her head all the way back with holding her cheeks in to make her swallow..and we have tried giving it mixed with food or liquid but she picks it up and then wont finish eating or drinking..The mucinex that we are suppose to be giving her to well that wasnt going so well so i found it in the melt aways well she doesnt like them either..she spits them out one little white pebble at a time:)) so how is she suppose to get better if she doesnt get any medicine in her....so i am really open to all suggestions from anybody:)))!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Out of the mouth of Destiny

I have to share with all of you a story out of the mouth of my 7 yr old..I went to her school the other day to eat lunch with her they were having a holiday lunch. Well anyways as i was waiting in line her teacher came up to me..She says i have to tell you what destiny said the other day..im thinking oh great....bc you never do know:)) Well anyways she told me that Destiny was telling her class about her family and she started talking Avery. Avery is my baby sister and I love her so much. and then she told them that she has down syndrome. But she quickly added thats ok bc I still love her bc she is really special and God made her just the way that she is and she is special to me..Her teacher said it was so sweet she almost started to cry..Of course when she is telling me this my eyes start to water..I am really a cry baby too though:)) but my heart just melt..

It has hit our house!!!!

Well the sickness stuff has officially hit our house. Thursday afternoon Avery started to get a high fever..and it just started to go down hill since then.. I took her to the doctor on Friday bc i didn't like the way she was breathing and she was so congested when she coughed..Well she still had her ear infection in the same ear that she had a previous infection..the fluid still hadn't gone away. ( i had taken her in two week earlier and she had an ear infection and had just gotten of that antibiotic)I was a little bugged that there was still fluid in her ear..He had also said that she had a respiratory infection..but not pneumonia..Well we had a very long night!!! She kept waking up and screaming and pulling her legs up to her chest..so she is in pain but i don't know why..I know she cant be constipated bc she has not eaten(she dont want to eat) anything to have any waste and she had diarrhea on Thursday..Her breathing has gotten worse i think..its very short and weezy..we basically have to keep motrin in her every 4 hours to keep her fever down a little bit.. poor baby..hopefully it doesnt spread and she gets over it by christmas..

Monday, December 15, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Happy Birthday Brielle!!

Its hard to believe that Brielle is already 5!!! (well its been a week already..im a little behind..)) Whew...She wanted a polly pocket cake so i tried pretty hard to make her a pretty polly pocket cake..its a little polly pocket car on the cake..she realy liked it anyway..and i guess that is all that matters:)) I gained another kid too...Baby Alive..lol!!!! The things that dolly does i cant belive..well anyways it keeps her entertained through out the day so i guess mission accomplished!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

This ones for Grandpa and Grandma West

Heres a few pictures of the twins..thought you'd like to see:)))

(The carseat covers and blankets my mother in law made..she actually has a section in a store in watertown..Moobugs:))

Our Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. It was my turn to make the turkey. Luckily it wasnt for too many people. It was our family and then two of Jared's brothers and two of his cousins. I was the only girl besides my girls i guess... I finally got to sit down at 3:00 after it was all clean..whew!! I was tired.. I did my first brine on a turkey this year...yummy it was very good!! I Then later the rest of the family came over for pie.
Avery fell asleep in her high chair eating turkey...with a piece in her mouth..haha!! Then jared decided to be funny and load her tray up with all sorts of food and take a picture:P
(sorry this is a little late but my computer was having issues)