Thursday, December 31, 2009

They are finally here!!!

I started to go into labor on my own saturday night so we went to the hospital but the dr on call stopped me..I was at 2cm and was 80% effaced..but since i was 35w 5d and not 36 weeks they had to stop me. So they succeeded and stopped me with a shot of some of the worst stuff i have ever pretty much gave me a heart attack. It sends your heart racing and gives u the shakes..They had to give me two doses of it. Well Sunday night i contracted alot and Monday..I went in to my dr on Tuesday and she told me that i hadnt changed but since i was 36 weeks now if i went and did an amniocentesis to check the lung maturity she would do my c-section the next day. I guess it is state law that if you arent 36 weeks u have to try to stop the labor and to get induced or have a scheduled c-section u have to have the amnio to check lung maturity. So anyways i got in with the specialist that day (Tuesday) to do the amnio. Since it was so late in the day by the time i was done i wouldnt know the results until the morning. and my c-section they scheduled for 12:00pm and told me to be at the hospital at 10:00am. So yesterday morning i called the dr office to find out if the lungs were mature..and tehy said that they were so we were good to go!!! Yey!!!! I couldnt wait to be done I have been so miserable with so much contractin the last week it couldnt go fast enough!! I went in for my c-section yesterday at 10:00 am and we went back to the c-section room at 1:00 and had them at 1:24pm and 1:26pm..Everything went really good..Jayla was having a little bit of noisy breathing at first and so bc of that we couldnt hold her right away bc didnt want to put any extra stress on her but she started doing great after a couple of hours then we were okay to hold her nad for the nurse to give her a bath..Tehy have been doing great ever since..and I have been recovering slowly..It hasnt been the greatest..ive been really dizzzy and light headed and then today i started running a fever too and was still dizzy so they figured it mucst be the pain medicine and switched here are a few pictures of the girls..i need to get some of jayla with her eyes open bbut she has been sleeping all day today and hasnt really had her eyes open..We get to go home Saturday morning..

Jianna is on the left and Jayla is on the right

Jayla Helen born at 1:26pm weight:6lbs 8oz length: 20 3/4inches

Jianna on the left and Jayla on the right

Jianna Mae: born at 1:24pm weight: 6lbs length: 20inches

Jianna Mae

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Just thought I would quickly update you all on my last appointment bc I dont think I did...Im still holding strong!! I am sooo ready to be done but I guess I would rather hold off until Christmas is over now.But once Christmas is over Im all over trying to get myself to go...I seen the Dr. on the 17th..and had an ultrasound..Baby A was 5lbs5oz..and measureing 33ww5d..and baby b was 4lbs13oz. and measuring 33w1d. Everything else looked good heartbeats..fluid around the babies..She gave me a date..Jan 5 she will take them c-section..I knew I was already going to have to have a c-section. The catch is that i have to have an amniocentesis on Jan.4 to check to lung maturity..I have checked out the risks and there doest seem tobe any really this late in the stage maybe the only one is sending u into labor..It might be painful too but i figured I can handle a few minutes of pain compared to how i have been feeling.. So we will see..Ill keep you all updated!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Here are a few pictures of the girls putting up the Christmas Tree..I am so glad that the girls are older and love to decorate the tree bc then all i have to do is sit back and watch them..It is so fun to watch them light up when they remember there ornaments that they have made from the previous years. Avery was all excited to try to put the ornanments on too..and when she actually got one to stay on the tree she started clapping for herself and saying "yea" :))

LOL!! The girls just being silly..

Happy Birthday Brielle

Happy 6th Birthday to Brielle!! When she woke up on her birthday..she says "Mom how come I dont look 6?" they say the funniest things.

For her birthday we did the same thing that we did when it was Destiny's..She got to invite one friend to Build-A-Bear and we went out to eat and then went to spend some money in Claires. She will get her cake this weekend when we have the family over to celebrate her birthday. But on her birthday she/we had cupcakes..She and her friend both had a GREAT it was a success with her too:))
Here are a few pictures from her birthday!!

34 weeks and counting down:)

Well i know its been a couple of weeks but Ive been busy trying to get everything ready for the babies and for Christmas..Its nice to say that i am ready for both:)) My sister-in-laws there me a baby shower last week so I got alot of stuff that i needed and diapers and wipes:))) I also had my dr appointment/ultrasound last week too...Both babies look great..Baby A is 4lbs 6oz and measures 32w 5d and baby B is 4lbs 4oz and measures 32w 2d. Both of there heads are up in the left corner of my belly so it is REALLY uncomfortable. So yes they are still breech. Everything else looked great..i finally gained a little bit of weight so my dr was happy with that..we are all just anxiously waiting to meet the little ones...I think it will be prettty soon at least im hoping:)) bc im sooo uncomfotable and in lots of pain...

This last week I have been taking care of Avery..she has been very sick with a HIGH fever and that was it.Even with tylenol or motrn in her she was still hot...i took her in to the dr just to make sure that it wasnt h1n1 or flu..i didnt want to take any chances with me being pregnant..anyways it wasnt and he said tht it was just a virus but now she broke out in a rash all over her belly and back so i think it is roseola..

Here are a few pictures of me at 32 already alot bigger then this but these will have to do..i tried to tell Jared what and how to take some of these pictures..he at least thinks he is a good photgrapher now..haha!! The others were self photography..boy was that challenging!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A few updates

Well I went in for my check up last thursday and everything is still looking good..I still am not gaining weight and my dr has no idea why bc Im measuring 6 weeks ahead like i am suppose to be and the babies are both growing she said I have her puzzled..who knows..I am so ready to be done with but I still have soem weeks to go..Im 31 1/2 weeks right now..Everything is starting to get really uncomfortable!! I go back in a couple of weeks for another ultrasound and dr appointment..

As far as Avery goes well she needs a little update too:)) She is still doing awesome in everything that she does. She isnt getting physical thereapy right now bc her therapist quit and all the other pt where full so we were put on the waiting list but really she is doing so awesome that its not hurting her one bit..and its one less day that we have to go to therapy so that is nice:)) I think me having restrictions and this pregnancy has been so good for her bc she has learned to be so independent and do alot of things on her own. Can u believe it she isnt even three yet and we are already starting to have to deal with school with her..its crazy..We have declined her going to school when she turns three bascially bc i think its crazy!! So I guess Im waiting for the school district to call me so I can tell them shes not going to school.

We had to repeat her swallow study today. It has been a year since the last one and they wanted to see how she was doing out of a straw before they started a straw thereapy on her. WEll it didnt go over really good..i couldnt be in the room with her bc of obvious reasons (being pregnant and all). But here is what we did come up with..She does great from her sippie cup which we already knew that..From a regular straight straw she does ok on thin liquids too..Yeah!!!! no more thickener for that:)) But when they used the curly thin straws or complex straws where u really have to suck hard she penetrated so we have to stay away from them for now. So if her speech therapist wants to continue with the straw therapy she will have ot use thickener bc its with all those funky wierd straws..The speech patholgist that was doing the study said that she was probably just still weak in the neck area and over time she will gain all the strength she needs and then she wont have a problem on anything anymore..and part of the problem is that she drinks so fast!! So she is going to recomment getting a sippie cup and a cup with a straw in it that controls how much liquid u are getting with your sips or drinks i guess.. i think that was about it..They tried to try some foods but didnt go over so well with Avery. After they offered and kept offering her a cracker with the barium on it she just lost it..(she thought the barium was cool whip or frosting i know it..she HATES both!!)They did get her to eat a few bites of applesauce and that lloooked ok..our main goal was the straw though so i guess we take what we got:)) She has never really had a problem with foods and swallowing..

Heres a few pics to leave ya with ...Avery LOVES to look at books and her favorite book is "Good Night Gorilla" she will bring you this book so many times a day..everyone in the family has this book memorizes..haha!! so anyways one day i just got done reading her the book and a few minutes lateer she brings it back to me to read..well i really didnt feel like reading it i told her no not right now..a few minutes later i look over at her and she is in the chair reading the book to her baby..:) It was cute:))

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

28 week update

I had a dr appointment last week along with ultrasound..just thought i would give you all an update quickly..the ultrasound went great!!! Baby A is weighing about 2lbs 10oz and baby B is 2lbs 5 oz. My cervix is still looking good..they measured it on the ultrasound..Both of the babies are measuring right on schedule so thats good too..Im still on the slow side of gaining weight but am measuring 6 weeks ahead which is right where i should be so thats good..hmmm let me see i think that is about it..still doing the monitoring everyday and still having contractions..How am I doing?? Well I have my good days and my bad days..counting down my weeks i cant wait to be done!!!! Im almost there so that helps me...the end is in sight:)) I go back to the dr again in two weeks and have another ultrasound in a month!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween! Ours was pretty did rain off and on through out the night. But that didnt stop the girls they went out in the rain.crazy girls:P Avery loved trick or treating!! She went right up to the doors with her big sissy's and held up her pumpkin too so she could get candy.. Then everyone thought she was blowing them kisses when she left the houses but she was actually signing Thank you to them..:))

There pumpkins that they carved..

My cute little bunny:))

She thought she was cute too..:))

My doctor, bunny, and my bride

i think they got enough candy...what do ya think??

Avery checking out whats in her pumpkin

She found what she wanted..she didnt even let the wrapper stop!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend Away

This past weekend the girls had Friday off so we decided to head up Charlotee, NC for the weekend..We figured it would probably be our last time to get away for a long time!!! So we went to Great Wolf Lodge..We all had a great time..They had a great indoor waterpark in the Lodge and well pretty much everything in the lodge..The waterpark had like 11 slides and splash pool and lots of other things..We never had to leave.. It is very kid oriented..Here are a few pictures from the weekend..

Check out destiny..she figured her ball should of went

Painting pumpkins in the Cub Club!!

Just having fun at the waterpark

She didnt like the splash fountains...:(

The big ole dump bucket..the girls are in there somewhere..

Just a few of the waterslides..the big bucket on the top is where they got dumped on from the previous picture..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

27 Weeks

So Ive made it to 27 weeks..:)) Im still hanging in there..but def counting down the weeks..I am just getting more and more miserable as the weeks go by which is to be expected I guess..I go see the dr on Tuesday and will have another ultrasound. So you can look for an update then. Otherwise I dont really any new updates as far as the pregnancy. I also would like to clear the air a little..for those of you asking me I have not did and will not do any extra testing this pregnancy for anything including down syndrome or any other chromosome abnormalities. Yes, I am going against my dr.s orders but I wouldnt do anything different if anything came back abnormal. I am so against them tests anyway bc of them tests is why the abortion rate for down syndrome babies is so high..and it really is soo sad It just breaks my heart to think about it. I will take any blessing that God gives us and if it happens to be another child with down syndrome...well then all i can say is AWESOME!! Avery has been such a BLESSING to us!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Girls Day Out!!

Girls day out!! Yippeee!! I took the easy way out this year for Destiny's bday.(i think i have good reason to:)) I asked her if she would be ok with going to build-a-bear with one friend instead of a bday party and she was all excited about it..So yesterday I went to the mall with Destiny and one of her best friends and Jared got to stay home with the other girls..Our first stop was to eat out of course!! So i let them choose where they wanted to go and what did they chose Chick-fil-A...then our next stop was Build-A-Bear..Wow!! I had never been there before and was it ever neat. I would say if anyone has little girls take them there at least once even if it is for a birthday. They will have sooo much fun!!! First we have to pick out our animal then u stuff it and u get to make a wish on a heart for the bear and put it in the bear before you close it..then there is a station to fluff it and then u can pick out an outfit for your bear/or whatever animal u chose..and it isnt just a few outfits to pick from its walls of outfits that are really stinkin cute!!! You cant forget the shoes or accessories. Then you get to name it and get your certificate with your animals name on it with there bday. It was so much fun and the girls both had a blast!! But our fun didnt stop there..Destiny's friend gave her money for her present and she brought some of her own spending money so they could go shopping so off we went to Claires...what more perfect store for two little girly girls right??:)) They went crazy in that was actually pretty funny just to watch them and of course they had to have there own baskets:)) You have no idea how much stuff went in that basket and back out before they ever agreed on there purchase!! But overall i would say that they managed there money pretty well and were very happy with there purchase..what did they end up with??? Well a diary, a mood ring, best friend rings, and lip gloss..Just to sit back and listen to there conversations was hillarious..hmmm i wonder if i was ever like that:)) I know Im not the only one that got a chuckle out of them in that store..hehe..Then our final stop the cookie store to have a treat and sit down and relax for a little bit.. (nice replacement for cake) Overall it was a huge success!!! It made me very happy that I had girls bc it was pretty fun for me too:))Destiny said that it was the best bday ever and both the girls kept talking about it all the way it saved me from ALOT of work so i dont have to plan a kid bday party and Destiny is very happy so it was a win win situation!! Who knows maybe i might of started a good thing bc know Brielle wants to do the same thing for her bday so it sounds like i will luck out with her too:)) Ooh how nice Im so glad that my girls are easy to please and they are so understanding of my situation right now:))

Picking out there animals- they both chose purple kitties

There kitties in the dressing room getting dressed. They are bride kitties!!

Shopping in Claires

Destiny with her kitty Hannah!!

Eating our yummy cookies!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

24 Week Update

I just wanted to post a quick update from my dr. appointment/ultrasound that i had last Thursday..The babies are are both about 1.5 lbs. and baby A is measuring 23w 5d and baby B is measuring 23w 2d and when i went in i was 24w1d so that is great!!! They are growing great..They look great and they are both still girls:)) I am finally starting to gain some weight so my dr can get of my back a little:P I'm measuring at 30w she said that typically she likes to see twin pregnancy measuring about 6weeks ahead so i was right on the money so she really didn't have anyhting to complain about this week with me..As far as my contractions are going I'm still having them..I am still doing the home monitoring every night and every morning for an hour...I then fax them in my reading from the night before and the morning every morning before noon and then a nurse from the center calls me back within a half hour and lets me know what they are reading and gets my blood pressure and pulse and answers any questions that i have or see if i am having any other symptoms. Its a pretty neat system that they have really..sometimes they read none and then other times they read one or two..lately they have been reading one or two..but my cervix is still closed and long so that is GREAT news!! She gave me a meds too so if i feel like i am having too many contractions then i take some medicine too..I have my good days and my bad..Well that pretty much sums it up..I'm just relaxing and trying to keep these babies in me as long as possible..We were actually watching the news the other night and there was a mom on there that had delivered 5 babies at 5 or 6 months and any whoo they were the same weight as my babies and it was just amazing and sad at the same time..just to see exactly what my babies look like right now but then sad too bc obviously they were all fighting for there lives bc they were so premature..They were just so tiny!
it has been going good with Avery during the day. This might be a very good thing for her bc she is learning to do alot of things on her own and become very independent like climbing in her own chair to eat and learning to help mom out even:)) But we are starting to get into that wander stage which terrifies me..She likes to go next door to our neighbors house and knock on there door..She can get over there pretty quick before her waddling mother comes to get (Good thing we are friends with our neighbors its david and loretta) I'm amazed at how much she has been learning these last couple of months..She loves to play with her dollies so i think she will do good with the new babies.. Well i suppose i need to go fax in my strips from my monitoring so have a good day everyone

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Just to give you all an update on me. I went back to the dr today for a check up and my doctor put me on partial bed rest. Mainly because I thought i was having alot of braxton hicks contractions but apparently my dr dont really think that they are braxton hicks though bc their are to many and they last for to long and I have been having alot of pressure..She also checked my cervix to make sure it is closed and it is which is good news!!! While she was checking me she felt baby A's foot..I told her one girl was really low but i guess she got to see what i was talking about:)) In a couple of days I will be set up on home monitoring also..Basically which is just the contraction machine that they use in the hospital i think to monitor my contractions and the home program that they use will communicate back and forth with my dr i guess..I will know more about it in a couple of days..Otherwise I have gained another wopping 4lbs.My total so far is at 12lbs. Im measuring at 28 when Im 22 weeks. THe babies heartbeats were great 146 and 153. Lets see what else well i suppose besides the no sleep that i get bc of the pain..but i guess that is Gods way of preparing me for whats in store right???:)) I go back in 2 weeks again for check up and another ultrasound.

As promised here is the video of Avery doing the itsy bitsy spider..if you don't listen to the guide:p You will hear Avery trying to sing itsy bitsy spider:))

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Avery loves to entertain herself all day by doing pat-a-cake and itsy bitsy spider..she will literally go from one to the other or just do one song over and over usually it is itsy bitsy spider she loves that one but she has just learned pat-a-cake..I have to say she is a really fast learner and just thinking which one Ill teach her next!! She has really been picking up on actions or signs lately. But anyways here she is doing pat-a-cake..just dont mind the guide:)) I got itsy bitsy spider on tape too but it took long enough to upload this one so look for it tomorrow hopefully:))

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Orchard

This past weekend we went up to Sky Top Apple Orchard..We have gone up there the past three years..It is always been fun..This year well i wasn't to keen on the all the walking but some how i managed to get through it..We ended up getting a half of busell of Macintosh and jonagold. I believe them were the kinds that i used last year to make applesauce and it was so YUMMY!!!! They have barnyard animals that you can walk around and see..hayrides..a bamboo forest that is really neat..every different kind of apple.( i never realized how many different kinds of apples there were..and you can sample them all:)) and a bunch of different stuff for kids to play on..and lots more but the BEST part is the fresh apple cider slushy and caramel apples..oh YUMMY!!!!

The girls picking apples

The girls in the bamboo forest

Jared and Avery going through the bamboo forest

The girls in the apple house

Enjoying our caramel apples and apple cider slushies

Avery wanting help to open her pumpkin cup to drink her apple cider..she loved it!!

Every year I take the girls picture in front of this..its fun to see how much they have grown each year..