Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween! Ours was pretty did rain off and on through out the night. But that didnt stop the girls they went out in the rain.crazy girls:P Avery loved trick or treating!! She went right up to the doors with her big sissy's and held up her pumpkin too so she could get candy.. Then everyone thought she was blowing them kisses when she left the houses but she was actually signing Thank you to them..:))

There pumpkins that they carved..

My cute little bunny:))

She thought she was cute too..:))

My doctor, bunny, and my bride

i think they got enough candy...what do ya think??

Avery checking out whats in her pumpkin

She found what she wanted..she didnt even let the wrapper stop!!


Amy said...

SO cute!! Too bad Avery couldn't have trick-or-treated here...we would have known she was saying thank you :)

Holly said...

All the costumes were cute;) Musta sent the rain your way-teehee;) cuz it was totally dry and nice here! lol

Michelle said...

Very cute costumes! i love the pic with Avery laughing!