Friday, November 20, 2009

A few updates

Well I went in for my check up last thursday and everything is still looking good..I still am not gaining weight and my dr has no idea why bc Im measuring 6 weeks ahead like i am suppose to be and the babies are both growing she said I have her puzzled..who knows..I am so ready to be done with but I still have soem weeks to go..Im 31 1/2 weeks right now..Everything is starting to get really uncomfortable!! I go back in a couple of weeks for another ultrasound and dr appointment..

As far as Avery goes well she needs a little update too:)) She is still doing awesome in everything that she does. She isnt getting physical thereapy right now bc her therapist quit and all the other pt where full so we were put on the waiting list but really she is doing so awesome that its not hurting her one bit..and its one less day that we have to go to therapy so that is nice:)) I think me having restrictions and this pregnancy has been so good for her bc she has learned to be so independent and do alot of things on her own. Can u believe it she isnt even three yet and we are already starting to have to deal with school with her..its crazy..We have declined her going to school when she turns three bascially bc i think its crazy!! So I guess Im waiting for the school district to call me so I can tell them shes not going to school.

We had to repeat her swallow study today. It has been a year since the last one and they wanted to see how she was doing out of a straw before they started a straw thereapy on her. WEll it didnt go over really good..i couldnt be in the room with her bc of obvious reasons (being pregnant and all). But here is what we did come up with..She does great from her sippie cup which we already knew that..From a regular straight straw she does ok on thin liquids too..Yeah!!!! no more thickener for that:)) But when they used the curly thin straws or complex straws where u really have to suck hard she penetrated so we have to stay away from them for now. So if her speech therapist wants to continue with the straw therapy she will have ot use thickener bc its with all those funky wierd straws..The speech patholgist that was doing the study said that she was probably just still weak in the neck area and over time she will gain all the strength she needs and then she wont have a problem on anything anymore..and part of the problem is that she drinks so fast!! So she is going to recomment getting a sippie cup and a cup with a straw in it that controls how much liquid u are getting with your sips or drinks i guess.. i think that was about it..They tried to try some foods but didnt go over so well with Avery. After they offered and kept offering her a cracker with the barium on it she just lost it..(she thought the barium was cool whip or frosting i know it..she HATES both!!)They did get her to eat a few bites of applesauce and that lloooked ok..our main goal was the straw though so i guess we take what we got:)) She has never really had a problem with foods and swallowing..

Heres a few pics to leave ya with ...Avery LOVES to look at books and her favorite book is "Good Night Gorilla" she will bring you this book so many times a day..everyone in the family has this book memorizes..haha!! so anyways one day i just got done reading her the book and a few minutes lateer she brings it back to me to read..well i really didnt feel like reading it i told her no not right now..a few minutes later i look over at her and she is in the chair reading the book to her baby..:) It was cute:))


Holly said...

cute pics!! Sounds like everything is moving along:) {slowly but surely;)}

Michelle said...

I love that story!! Such a cutie!