Friday, December 11, 2009

34 weeks and counting down:)

Well i know its been a couple of weeks but Ive been busy trying to get everything ready for the babies and for Christmas..Its nice to say that i am ready for both:)) My sister-in-laws there me a baby shower last week so I got alot of stuff that i needed and diapers and wipes:))) I also had my dr appointment/ultrasound last week too...Both babies look great..Baby A is 4lbs 6oz and measures 32w 5d and baby B is 4lbs 4oz and measures 32w 2d. Both of there heads are up in the left corner of my belly so it is REALLY uncomfortable. So yes they are still breech. Everything else looked great..i finally gained a little bit of weight so my dr was happy with that..we are all just anxiously waiting to meet the little ones...I think it will be prettty soon at least im hoping:)) bc im sooo uncomfotable and in lots of pain...

This last week I have been taking care of Avery..she has been very sick with a HIGH fever and that was it.Even with tylenol or motrn in her she was still hot...i took her in to the dr just to make sure that it wasnt h1n1 or flu..i didnt want to take any chances with me being pregnant..anyways it wasnt and he said tht it was just a virus but now she broke out in a rash all over her belly and back so i think it is roseola..

Here are a few pictures of me at 32 already alot bigger then this but these will have to do..i tried to tell Jared what and how to take some of these pictures..he at least thinks he is a good photgrapher now..haha!! The others were self photography..boy was that challenging!!!

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Holly said...

Awesome pics!! Jared did a good job:)