Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Just thought I would quickly update you all on my last appointment bc I dont think I did...Im still holding strong!! I am sooo ready to be done but I guess I would rather hold off until Christmas is over now.But once Christmas is over Im all over trying to get myself to go...I seen the Dr. on the 17th..and had an ultrasound..Baby A was 5lbs5oz..and measureing 33ww5d..and baby b was 4lbs13oz. and measuring 33w1d. Everything else looked good heartbeats..fluid around the babies..She gave me a date..Jan 5 she will take them c-section..I knew I was already going to have to have a c-section. The catch is that i have to have an amniocentesis on Jan.4 to check to lung maturity..I have checked out the risks and there doest seem tobe any really this late in the stage maybe the only one is sending u into labor..It might be painful too but i figured I can handle a few minutes of pain compared to how i have been feeling.. So we will see..Ill keep you all updated!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

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