Thursday, September 30, 2010

My girls six month pics

Its crazy to think that it is already time to do there nine month pictures..Here are a few of my favorite ones!!  Perfect timing too fall..ooh  how I love fall pictures all the colors so beautiful…
Jayla, Jianna
DSC_3215  DSC_3500
DSC_3251 bw
Jayla, Jianna
Jayla, Jianna
DSC_3354 DSC_3368
DSC_3439 bw
Jianna, Jayla
DSC_3410 DSC_3488

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This and That!!

My babies are eight months already and yes I'm fashionably late at posting this again..but you guys are all getting used to that by now right??:))  The bear pictures are getting really hard to take..both babies are on the move all the time..they are keeping my on my toes. I'm constantly digging stuff out of there mouths..or redirecting there paths..They are pulling themselves up to standing now and it wont be long and I'm going to be chasing them all over when they start walking..oh the joys:))  Both babies now have there first tooth..but thankfully they both did not cut them at the same time..whew!! We made it through one now only if the other twenty or so would be like that..haha!!!! 
DSC_5827 copy

I had a very much needed break with my older girls..We of course went shopping then I surprised them with a pedicure..They thought it was the Best!!   I wish i could of had my camera but of course I didn't..but I got the after shot:)  We really did have a fun Saturday!!  I love me some girl time!!
Fall!!!  Can I say more??  I love Fall it really is the best season I think I like everything about Fall, all the scents, apples, leaves changing, the weather (only we haven't had the weather yet)  I'm really ready for cooler weather!!!!  I cant wait for next weekend we are going up to Sky Top Orchard!!   We really enjoy it every year!!  But we did caramel apples the other day to kind of get in the fall mood;) and it was our first time making the caramel from scratch..all I have to say is it is WAY better then the store bought caramels!!!
DSC_5860 DSC_5868
Avery is doing much better!! She don't have to wear her sling anymore..but I notice her grabbing her arm occasionally so Im assuming it still hurts her now and then..It is amazing how fast kids heal!!!  But she still has the bruise and it will look all knotted for the next couple of months until it heals completely..
DSC_5536 DSC_5539
Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Twins Baptism Day

On the 4th we had the girls baptized after church..My mother in law did an EXCELLENT job on there dresses..She made them out of my wedding dress.They fit them perfectly!!!  She sent me some extra fabric and I made there headbands..They look like little angels..sorry about the first picture ..the lighting in the church was really bad…
Jayla, Jianna
The girls, us and the sponsors
Yes I realize you cant see the one of the babies head in the family pic..they were both sleeping right after the baptism and this was towards the end of pictures and she was getting very heavy..
DSC_5566 DSC_5571
L-Jayla, R-Jianna
DSC_5578 DSC_5632
 DSC_5584 DSC_5586
Jayla, Jianna
Jayla with Destiny and Brielle has Jianna
There beautiful dresses!!!  Didnt she do an awesome job???

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Avery’s accident

Boy oh boy have we had a day/night!!!  We spent the whole night last night at the hospital ER!!  Avery fell out of the top of the shopping cart back onto the back of her head.. She was standing up and Destiny didnt see her standing and she bumped the cart and then of course I turned my head for that second…and all I heard was this big LOUD bump followed by the biggest scream EVER!!  My heart just sank!!  I have never been so scared!!  So  we hurried out of the store..and she fell asleep right away..I'm still wondering do I take her in or do I let her rest..but then she would keep waking up screaming and saying “ouwie” so I decided I probably should take her to the hospital and get her checked out just for the peace of mind if nothing is wrong..So I came home to pick up Jared and drop of the rest of the gang..and we headed to the hospital..I was getting pretty scared now bc she kept grabbing her neck and she wasn't talking just screaming and every time we moved her she would just scream and she wouldn't move her neck..and she was very lethargic..kept going in and out of it..of course my mind starts thinking worse case and everything else that could happen and all I could do was PRAY!! and pray more!!  When we get back to the room they put a neck brace on her right away until it was cleared from the CT scan. They did that for two reasons..One as a precautionary bc children with DS have a vertebrae issue the two upper bones of the back(atlantoaxial instability)  The lax joints allow for excessive movement between the two upper vertebrae, especially when the neck is extended or bent..and if they have it they run a risk of spinal cord injury. They are usually tested around the age of 3-4 and Avery has not been tested yet.  The other bc of all the symptoms I was telling them of her neck.
avery hospital 5
Trying to keep Avery entertained..she was looking at pictures on Jared's phone..
avery hospital 6
She did really great with it on..she must of known it was helping her..She didnt move really though even after we got to the hospital she didnt want to eat or drink anything either..So we go for CT scan and wait..and wait…and wait ….for the results but Praise God!!  They came back normal and there was nothing on they took her brace off and were wanting her to sit up and eat/drink something..When they took her brace off she instantly started to grab the front of her neck again and I pointed that out to the dr and he says well its probably just from having the brace on..
Avery hospital
So he left the room and I go and sit right in front of her and look at the front of her neck and it looks a little swollen so I start feeling right around her clavicle bone and she starts screaming and I can feel her bone sticking up a I go back out and get the dr and bring him in..and he goes yeap you are probably right she probably did break her clavicle bone but lets get some x-rays to see..So more waiting and waiting and finally come and get her for the xrays and then we have to wait another hour for the results..(that is one thing I hate about our much waiting)  and he comes in and says that she fractured it right by the breast bone on the right side.. So we sling it up and get her some pain medicine and off we go..We finally can go home.. So around 130 we leave to go home…
It has been a LONG night and  I think the next 48 hours are going to be long too..All she wants to do is sit on the couch and not move..She is in ALOT of pain and the dr said that she has to wear the sling for 1-2 weeks and then it will take up to three months for the bone  to heal back up..
Can I just tell you that I am soooo frustrated with Doctors!!!!!!  There have been so many times where I am telling them what is wrong..why is that???  I know they are only human but why  is it happening all the time to my child??  Shouldn't they be more through all???  URGGGHHHH!!!!    I am paying them all this money for this????  Really???

Friday, September 3, 2010

My babies three month pictures

I know I know I am really late on these..but I just got done editing them so that is why I am now just putting them up…but you can look for there six month pictures next week bc I just finished them up this last night..I think I got burned out on editing for awhile..good thing I have another month before I do there nine month pictures but I guess we are having there baptism this weekend so you can look for them soon too..I cant wait to you all see there  wonderful baptism dresses that my Mother in law made out of my wedding dress..stay tuned:)) Anyways here are some pictures of my babies from there three month photo shoot!!
This is by far my favorite picture!!!
DSC_7281 copy
DSC_7257 copy
DSC_6788 bw
DSC_6803 bw DSC_6805 copy

DSC_7202 copy
DSC_6725 copy
DSC_6686 copy
DSC_7308 copy
Heres a side by side picture..Jayla on the left and Jianna on the right..No they are not the same baby…lol!!:)
DSC_7357 copy DSC_7366 copy
This picture just cracks me up!!!  It looks like she is punching her and she don't like it!! haha!!!
DSC_7457 copy
DSC_7468 copy
DSC_7497 copy
Its moments like this that are just so blissful. Is that not the sweetest thing ever!! My babies loved to sleep touching each other!!!
 DSC_7487 copy DSC_7489 copy