Friday, September 3, 2010

My babies three month pictures

I know I know I am really late on these..but I just got done editing them so that is why I am now just putting them up…but you can look for there six month pictures next week bc I just finished them up this last night..I think I got burned out on editing for awhile..good thing I have another month before I do there nine month pictures but I guess we are having there baptism this weekend so you can look for them soon too..I cant wait to you all see there  wonderful baptism dresses that my Mother in law made out of my wedding dress..stay tuned:)) Anyways here are some pictures of my babies from there three month photo shoot!!
This is by far my favorite picture!!!
DSC_7281 copy
DSC_7257 copy
DSC_6788 bw
DSC_6803 bw DSC_6805 copy

DSC_7202 copy
DSC_6725 copy
DSC_6686 copy
DSC_7308 copy
Heres a side by side picture..Jayla on the left and Jianna on the right..No they are not the same baby…lol!!:)
DSC_7357 copy DSC_7366 copy
This picture just cracks me up!!!  It looks like she is punching her and she don't like it!! haha!!!
DSC_7457 copy
DSC_7468 copy
DSC_7497 copy
Its moments like this that are just so blissful. Is that not the sweetest thing ever!! My babies loved to sleep touching each other!!!
 DSC_7487 copy DSC_7489 copy


Michelle said...

Aw, that is sooo sweet! The pics are great!! i love the hats too. :)

Holly said...

I love the ones of them together! so cute looks like they are holding hands:)