Sunday, January 29, 2012

One more week to go

One surgery down and one more to go..The anxiety is REALLY setting in with only a week to go until Avery’s surgery.  I wish it was just an easy operation and I didn’t have this..but when the dr tells you to expect complications well that can kind of raises the anxiety level a little. Someone was just telling me that its good that Avery has no idea what is about to turn her world upside down bc she wont have any anxiety issues about it..but I think I make up for it..I TRY really hard not to think about it otherwise I just lose it..I try not to let myself go there. I .can’t. I have to be strong or I'm trying to be strong.  God knows how strong I am but I am still learning. Why do we always cut our selves short?? I was thinking about it the other day and just in the middle of a little crying party.. I  heard  “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” (Philippians 4:13 KJV) So I have been trying to repeat that verse over and over again in my head.
I have been reading up more and more information on how to take care of Avery..and well I think that is where my problem is..I need to stop reading!! lol! But I have learned a lot..I am still at a loss for what to do about Avery going to the bathroom..but also I am going to have to set my alarm every three hours to make sure she is dry and also to reposition her. Its going to be like having a newborn in the house again..but no new One video I watched  looked like such a big job just to brush her teeth every day..basically the next three months on this blog is going to be my journal for taking care of Avery in a hip spica cast..maybe it will help others that will be going through it might be good and it might be bad..from what I read/watch it is a full time job just taking care of her...or should I say entertaining her. .and then add on my other kids and family..and then not getting a full night sleep..well I'm tired just thinking about it.. I kind of like my sleep..I'm really crabby when I don’t get enough sleep..and if we do all this and it doesn’t even work..
BUT…it is just a storm and it too will pass..I will just wait for the sun to shine again...because God is a faithful God and if he brings us to it he will get us through it..we just have to fully rely on him to get us through it all..Through our storms it only strengthens our faith in God..Have you ever stopped and thought about the storms that have happened in your life and maybe why they have happened??  I know for me I needed them storms..God knew that I needed them too..I can honestly look back on them and say that the storms in my life has grown my faith so much.. I am reminded of a refrain from a song by Mercy Me…“Bring me joy, bring me peace, Bring the chance to be free, bring me anything that brings You glory..And I know there'll be days when this life brings me pain, But if that's what it takes to praise You Jesus, bring the rain.”  He is our strength.  Psalm 46 reminds us of this..”God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”  and later in that psalm He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;” ..Be still…just let everything go….everything…. Yes I need to just let go and let God handle it..and have faith that he will take care of Avery..he will guide the dr.s on Friday morning I will hand my daughter over to God..and have faith that he will take care of her..and that Gods will will be done! {even though it will be hard to do} …
We have dr appt on Monday for ENT…I think Avery needs another set of tubes..I have been noticing that she hasn’t been hearing as well..her other set of tubes came out last month or two…and I'm sure there is fluid in there or something..the teachers have noticed it too..On Tuesday we go see the dr that is going to be doing the surgery..and we go to a different place for all the pre op stuff…and we will find out what time she goes in on Friday..
If you could say some prayers for me and for Avery and for the drs..we would appreciate them!!! Thanks and have a good week everyone..I'm going to try to keep myself busy by sewing up a bunch of skirts for Avery since that is what she will be wearing for the next three months!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pictures from Brielle’s surgery

Brielle is doing awesome!! The first day home from the hospital she was in a lot of pain but didn’t want to take any pain medicine..but a cookie bribery helped a littleWinking smile She was very cranky too.and she even knew that..bc she told me its probably a good thing I don’t have to go to school this week bc im a little crabby..ha! So after resting a lot and keeping the leg elevated she is pretty much walking all round today and last night with out any problems or pain.. I have heard “Im bored” so many times in the last few days too..The trick is going to keep her from doing stressful things to her knee over the next six going for bike rides with Grandpa..and jumping on tramp or just running around..Here are some pictures from her surgery…
She thought the light on her finger was pretty cool and wanted a picture of!!
After the surgery…still a little loopy..she thought it was worse then what she thought it was going to be..and she said that the gas that they used to put her to sleep with smelled like a monkeys breath..not sure how she knows what that smells like..or she was still a little loopy when she said that and not sure what she was saying …hmmmm
Just a little crabby at home…
Brielle with her principal..she stopped over to see how she was doing..and to bring her some ballons and a puppy
Tirzah {Brielle’s friend and neighbor} came over to see how Brielle was doing and to play paper dolls with her for awhile..
She walked around on crutches the first day..Brielle with all her goodies….
Her incisions…when she first looked at scared her a little but then I pointed out the pen marks and then it wasn’t as bad…
She wanted us to all sign her ace wrap…

Monday, January 23, 2012

Out of surgery

She is out of surgery..

They gave her a shot of morphine bc she was in alot of pain.. She still hasn't been able to eat anything.. Slowly eating ice chunks..

Brielle's surgery

Brielle did great going to sleep. They didn't have to give her any extra medicine to calm her. Which is great bc she did have a little breakdown this morning when she first woke up. They were all so awesome!!
Brielle in the pre op room... Doesn't she look thrilled??? Poor girl!!!

Just talked to the dr and it actually wasn't what we thought it was. Instead it turned out to be extra tissue on her ACL. They removed all the extra tissue and the dr said that it won't grow back so she should be good from now on out. No more problems. About a week for recovery. Thank you Lord!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Brielles Surgery

As a mother my heart is breaking right now for Brielle…Brielle looks like she has been hit by a car! She is not doing very good at all..  She is having A LOT of anxiety issues and is just really scared over her upcoming surgery on Monday! Yesterday I sent her to school crying bc she was thinking about her surgery and got really scared…as a mother this HURTS!!!!  When I picked her up I asked her how her day went and she said not very good..she looked T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. When she got home from school I told her that a lot of people were praying for her and she said that it helped some…I'm not sure what else I can do..I have prayed with her…told her some bible verses that I thought would comfort her…and told her that Jesus was with her and would be right there the whole time and help her get through it. She wants me in the surgery room but I told her that I cant be! She isn't happy about that.
Today we went to Shriners for pre admission..We seen the attending dr,the dr that is going to be doing the surgery, nurse, physical therapist, and a child right specialist (which was good for Brielle..bc she really explained everything so she would understand), and took care of all the paperwork and got our surgery time..She is first and surgery is at 800 and that means we have to be there at 600 AM!!!  WE live like 45 min I guess we wont be getting any sleep that night..I tried to ask for a time at night but it didn’t go over very well..haha!!!!   The dr that is going to do the surgery said that they don’t know for sure if it is torn or if it is a discoid meniscus..the radiologist that read the MRI said it was a discoid meniscus but the dr that is doing the surgery isn't really sure if he believes him or not..thinks it might be a torn..anyways he said whatever it is that when they are in there they will fix what ever it is and then go from I don’t really know how her recovery is going to be until after the surgery..She will come home that same day and wont have to stay the night in the hospital though.. Ill let you all know more after the surgery on Monday! {probably before any of you wake up. ha!}
She really didn’t want to go back to school today but we got out of there pretty early and since I didn’t know how much she was going to miss next week I figured she better go today. But when she walked into the office the secretary asked her if she was ok???  and she says yea and the secretary says well you don’t look ok..are u sure??  You can just tell that its.not.ok. It is all over her face and body!! I’m sure she will be relieved to just have it all over with!
PLEASE say some prayers for Brielle!! Oh Jesus please be with her today and the coming days give her peace and just comfort and calm her!  
These were from today..I had to take the babies with me bc we had to be there so early..we had to be there by seven and like I said we live like 45 min from there so we left at 615…Note to self..The babies DO NOT do well with not enough sleep…Enough said!!!!! Even though one is smiling in the picture don’t let it deceive you! ;)

Jared’s parents should be getting here today..they decided to come a couple days earlier to beat any snow storms…that cheered Brielle up a little;) I'm not sure how long they are staying for but they are def staying through Avery’s surgery which is still Feb. 3!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mama & Me journal

So what is a mama and me journal??? It is a journal where just me and Destiny write back and forth with each other and one for Brielle and me to write back and forth to each other. I found the idea on pinterest and here is the original link. Isnt it such a great idea???!!!! I have had it pinned for awhile now but finally made myself just do it!!! So this past weekend I finally did it!!! It was super simple and only took like five minutes to make them..I found some scrapbook paper that I thought each girl would like and then glued it on to the cover of a regular notebook and then printed off the top part mama & me from the website where i found the idea..she has it where u can download it and can print it off..and then i just glued it down...

The first page I copied from her website..thought it was a great starter page..but here is the first page if u want to see it!!
When they woke up it was on there bed and they were soooooo excited..that might be an!! They wrote back to me write away and it was beside my bed that night..and so far we have been doing it back and forth everyday..they are so happy to get it back and see what I wrote far they have wrote me some jokes or told me a story.or asked me questions that they wanted answered and in last nights letter Destiny thought it would be a great idea to end each letter with a bible verse and she says its ok if we need to look it up in the bible too..:) That is an awesome idea Destiny...So this little idea has turned into being a great way to strenghten our bond one on one with my girls which can be hard sometimes when u have five girls..a book of memories to treasure for a liftetime...but it also lets them work on writing and penmenship...and now it gets them in the bible more!!! We all coudnt be happier..anyways I just wanted to share it with all of you and I would def recommend you doing it with your child..girl or boy...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Destiny got Terrific kid

Way to go Destiny for getting Terrific kid this nine weeks..We are so proud of you!!!  Terrific kid is put on by the  Kiwanis club here..and a girl and a boy from each class is chosen by there teacher each nine weeks to receive it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Christmas

We always start our Christmas out with reading about the birth of baby Jesus and afterwards we sing Away in a Manger…Jianna didn’t want to wait she wanted to dig right in to the gifts…she remembered from a few days ago when she was opening her gifts at Janie's.
Avery making sure no one takes her stocking…lol!! We just let them open all there gifts at the same time and mixed in with the gifts are there gifts from all there grandparents..since we live far away they just send them down here and we have like three Christmas’s in one!!
Destiny was al about clothes and shoes and more clothes this year..that is all she really wanted..she is kind of growing out of the toy phase I guess..she was excited to get a nice black coat..what she wanted..
Brielle..Oh Brielle I still get a kick out of her list…she cracks us up a lot of the time…she wanted a pistol and a shot gun..and some cameo clothes and headphones but if she didn’t get the pistol or shot gun then don’t bother with the cameo clothes and!!  I suppose Jared has to have one girl turn into a tomboy right???!!!  She is very much a daddy’s girl and likes to do EVERYTHING with out in the garage with him…just the other day she was helping him build something and she wanted to work the saw..but we settled on a bb gun for now..but she is a little scared to shoot it now bc she is afraid she is going to shoot something she isnt suppose to..
Avery finally got a new magnadoodle. She wore her other one out..she LOVES this toy..that is a huge understatement too..every house we go to they usually have a magna doodle and Avery has found it and is writing with it..u should of seen the one that I threw away…it is in her hand the majority of the time and she is writing on it…She was soo excited to get a new one!!  Avery is soo easy to shop for bc there are so many good therapy toys that she I try to take advantage and get her good therapy toys for Christmas and her birthday..she also got some more signing times books and videos..(they had a great 40% off sale) and some curious george stuff she loves that silly monkey!!!
The twins..they were really loving all the unwrapping this is so fun when they get into it..they started opening up everyones..they didn’t care they just wanted to unwrap!!!  They got some clothes, some food, a couple of pillow pets and a big soft kiki for there crib and a baby set with a playpen, high chair, and a new stroller bc im tired of listening to them fight over one stroller!!! But now they fight over the the new stroller so I really cant win!!!!;)  
Opening up my santa shop gifts from the kids..The kids school has a santa shop every year and it really is a neat thing..they get to use there own money that they have saved up and they get to budget what they want to spend on everyone…they like to get everyone in our family a gift..and they take great pride in what they picked out for everyone..they put a lot of thought into them..u can tell..and it saves me from having to take each kids individually to go shopping for everyone..and the gifts are usually $1, $2, or $3 dollare gifts that they spend but I think they have even more expensive gifts this year Avery got to go to santa shop too..and she knew..bc when I opened up the gift she gave me she said Avery….and I said oh is this from you Avery…and she said yeap and was just beaming!!!  So I got a couple of candles from Brielle, a cute cupcake ornament from Avery and a mom plaque from Destiny..the kids got each other different gifts that included…books, pens, diary, horse, ornament,..and Jared pretty much gets a mug we have a lot of Christmas mugs at our house..but he drinks a lot of coffee so it’s a fitting gift for him and Avery got him a little flashlight..
Im always the last one to open my gifts too for some everyone always helps me open mine..;)Jared got me a serger this year and I cant wait to use it!! Do u know how much easier it is going to be for sewing clothes!  Woooohooo!!!  I just need my MIL to come down and show me how to use it now..haha!!  WHich I am in luck they are coming in a couple of weeks so I can have her show me.!!! He also got me a shampooer {mainly for!!!} but I went to take it out out of the box and it had been used and it was soo disgusting. There was mold and so much hair and carpet fibers…Yuck! Its suppose to be brand new!!!! I am guessing someone bought it and returned it and never told them that they used it…really people..come on!!! 

Friday, January 6, 2012


This post is going to be all over..just to warn uWinking smile It pretty much sums up my week..
We went to Avery GI dr on Monday and all is still good..just keep giving her fruit-eze for constipation issues..and maybe double up on it a week before her surgery so things are flowing good for her..and maybe keep her doubled up on it for awhile so she don’t get constipated with the cast on!!  That is my big worry..her getting so constipated! This is what happens when they make us wait so long in the dr office!!  Im surprised they don’t get us in and out as fast as possible as loud as we are!!!
Avery in the table!!
Yeap you guessed knew that was coming didn’t you..except what u cant see is I had Avery pulling her in and the other baby pulling her out which ended in a screaming fit!!!
Avery being sooo cute and silly!!!:)
Playing ring around the rosies still trying to pass time..
On Tuesday..I find my babies like this!!!
Yeap both in the dryer just giggling away!!!! and a pile of clean clothes in front of the dryer that they so nicely took out for me!!
On Wednesday I got this in the mail….
Don’t know what it is????:) Well it is a GoGo girl…It’s what they call a female funnel. {So when Brielle came home from school she seen it on the counter and asked what's this??? A funnel to frost cupcakes with??? HILARIOUS!!!! I then explained what I was going to use it for and she thought it was pretty ewwww!!! So I tried using it with Avery to get her used to it so she would be a pro at it by the time she had surgery..Well guess who wont use it??!!! Yeap Avery will have tried using it on her and she wouldn’t go and so then I took it off and right away she starts peeing..That girl is soooo stubborn!!!  So now I don’t know what I'm going to do….I suppose I am going to have to get everything under the sun and see which one she will I'm going to have to find a female urinal and a bed toilet {is that what they call them…lol!!!}
These three are no help when it comes to folding clothes..they are masters at playing around me and knocking all my piles over!!
On Thursday I made a few projects..I had to find something to hold my kids bookbags up bc they were just throwing them in the closet and shutting the door! And it was wrecking our door..So I came up with these. I really like them but Jared had to ruin it when he told me where I had to hang them so they would be in a stud..and how he was going to screw them in…urghh!! 
I also had to fix these jars. I had made these apothecary jars before Christmas and had put fake snow and ornaments in them..but they were VERY crooked..I had forgot to put the wooden circle on the bottom of the jars so I picked them up at Hobby Lobby when I was picking up my materials for the book bag hooks. {All materials I got at hobby lobby for both crafts} Now to find something to go into them now..maybe something to do with Valentines Day????!!! 
While I was making these I couldn’t find Jayla for awhile and I realized that so I was yelling her name all over the house and all of a sudden she comes out of my room with this look on her face like she had been caught red handed!!! So I was scared to go into my room and see what she had gotten into but I went in there and didn’t find anything so I was puzzled..Well fast forward to the night when Brielle is asking for vaseline for her lips I go into my bathroom closet to get the vaseline and what do I find????!!!
She had taken all of my tampons out of there wrappers and even took some of my diapers {that’s what they call them} out of there wrappers so I had a nice sticky mess!!!!!!  Her cup was in the closet too so I know she did it!!!!!
All week I have been on a mission to organize and I have got a lot done if I do say so myself..I have gotten our Coat closet, two junk closets by the front door done, all bathrooms done, and the babies room done! We have also switched the toy room and the office around so I have done the toy room too!!  Still have the office to go through..and well the craft room needs serious help!!!  Right now there is a pile of J.U.N.K. in there that I don’t want anymore and it all needs to get cleaned up and organized in the next couple of weeks before my inlaws get here bc that is there bedroom!!  Ill show u a picture but no judgingWinking smile bc it’s a work in process right??!!! At least I have a timeline to get it done by bc it would probably otherwise sit there for awhile!!
Well that pretty much sums up my week!!! Whew…what a week!! How was your guys week???!! Hope it was better then mine!!!Smile {All of these pictures were taken on my phone so the quality might not be that great}