Sunday, January 29, 2012

One more week to go

One surgery down and one more to go..The anxiety is REALLY setting in with only a week to go until Avery’s surgery.  I wish it was just an easy operation and I didn’t have this..but when the dr tells you to expect complications well that can kind of raises the anxiety level a little. Someone was just telling me that its good that Avery has no idea what is about to turn her world upside down bc she wont have any anxiety issues about it..but I think I make up for it..I TRY really hard not to think about it otherwise I just lose it..I try not to let myself go there. I .can’t. I have to be strong or I'm trying to be strong.  God knows how strong I am but I am still learning. Why do we always cut our selves short?? I was thinking about it the other day and just in the middle of a little crying party.. I  heard  “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” (Philippians 4:13 KJV) So I have been trying to repeat that verse over and over again in my head.
I have been reading up more and more information on how to take care of Avery..and well I think that is where my problem is..I need to stop reading!! lol! But I have learned a lot..I am still at a loss for what to do about Avery going to the bathroom..but also I am going to have to set my alarm every three hours to make sure she is dry and also to reposition her. Its going to be like having a newborn in the house again..but no new One video I watched  looked like such a big job just to brush her teeth every day..basically the next three months on this blog is going to be my journal for taking care of Avery in a hip spica cast..maybe it will help others that will be going through it might be good and it might be bad..from what I read/watch it is a full time job just taking care of her...or should I say entertaining her. .and then add on my other kids and family..and then not getting a full night sleep..well I'm tired just thinking about it.. I kind of like my sleep..I'm really crabby when I don’t get enough sleep..and if we do all this and it doesn’t even work..
BUT…it is just a storm and it too will pass..I will just wait for the sun to shine again...because God is a faithful God and if he brings us to it he will get us through it..we just have to fully rely on him to get us through it all..Through our storms it only strengthens our faith in God..Have you ever stopped and thought about the storms that have happened in your life and maybe why they have happened??  I know for me I needed them storms..God knew that I needed them too..I can honestly look back on them and say that the storms in my life has grown my faith so much.. I am reminded of a refrain from a song by Mercy Me…“Bring me joy, bring me peace, Bring the chance to be free, bring me anything that brings You glory..And I know there'll be days when this life brings me pain, But if that's what it takes to praise You Jesus, bring the rain.”  He is our strength.  Psalm 46 reminds us of this..”God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”  and later in that psalm He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;” ..Be still…just let everything go….everything…. Yes I need to just let go and let God handle it..and have faith that he will take care of Avery..he will guide the dr.s on Friday morning I will hand my daughter over to God..and have faith that he will take care of her..and that Gods will will be done! {even though it will be hard to do} …
We have dr appt on Monday for ENT…I think Avery needs another set of tubes..I have been noticing that she hasn’t been hearing as well..her other set of tubes came out last month or two…and I'm sure there is fluid in there or something..the teachers have noticed it too..On Tuesday we go see the dr that is going to be doing the surgery..and we go to a different place for all the pre op stuff…and we will find out what time she goes in on Friday..
If you could say some prayers for me and for Avery and for the drs..we would appreciate them!!! Thanks and have a good week everyone..I'm going to try to keep myself busy by sewing up a bunch of skirts for Avery since that is what she will be wearing for the next three months!


Becky said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hold tight to God's word and He will definitely strengthen you and provide. I am so glad God lead me to your blog. I will be praying for all of you, the doctors, the hospital, and for the sun to come out as quickly as possible. You have five beautiful girls.

Lexi said...

I can't even begin to imagine. You are freakishly strong. We are praying for you guys!

Laura said...

I can't believe that the surgery is just a week away! I've added Avery and you and the doctors to my prayer list!