Friday, January 20, 2012

Brielles Surgery

As a mother my heart is breaking right now for Brielle…Brielle looks like she has been hit by a car! She is not doing very good at all..  She is having A LOT of anxiety issues and is just really scared over her upcoming surgery on Monday! Yesterday I sent her to school crying bc she was thinking about her surgery and got really scared…as a mother this HURTS!!!!  When I picked her up I asked her how her day went and she said not very good..she looked T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. When she got home from school I told her that a lot of people were praying for her and she said that it helped some…I'm not sure what else I can do..I have prayed with her…told her some bible verses that I thought would comfort her…and told her that Jesus was with her and would be right there the whole time and help her get through it. She wants me in the surgery room but I told her that I cant be! She isn't happy about that.
Today we went to Shriners for pre admission..We seen the attending dr,the dr that is going to be doing the surgery, nurse, physical therapist, and a child right specialist (which was good for Brielle..bc she really explained everything so she would understand), and took care of all the paperwork and got our surgery time..She is first and surgery is at 800 and that means we have to be there at 600 AM!!!  WE live like 45 min I guess we wont be getting any sleep that night..I tried to ask for a time at night but it didn’t go over very well..haha!!!!   The dr that is going to do the surgery said that they don’t know for sure if it is torn or if it is a discoid meniscus..the radiologist that read the MRI said it was a discoid meniscus but the dr that is doing the surgery isn't really sure if he believes him or not..thinks it might be a torn..anyways he said whatever it is that when they are in there they will fix what ever it is and then go from I don’t really know how her recovery is going to be until after the surgery..She will come home that same day and wont have to stay the night in the hospital though.. Ill let you all know more after the surgery on Monday! {probably before any of you wake up. ha!}
She really didn’t want to go back to school today but we got out of there pretty early and since I didn’t know how much she was going to miss next week I figured she better go today. But when she walked into the office the secretary asked her if she was ok???  and she says yea and the secretary says well you don’t look ok..are u sure??  You can just tell that its.not.ok. It is all over her face and body!! I’m sure she will be relieved to just have it all over with!
PLEASE say some prayers for Brielle!! Oh Jesus please be with her today and the coming days give her peace and just comfort and calm her!  
These were from today..I had to take the babies with me bc we had to be there so early..we had to be there by seven and like I said we live like 45 min from there so we left at 615…Note to self..The babies DO NOT do well with not enough sleep…Enough said!!!!! Even though one is smiling in the picture don’t let it deceive you! ;)

Jared’s parents should be getting here today..they decided to come a couple days earlier to beat any snow storms…that cheered Brielle up a little;) I'm not sure how long they are staying for but they are def staying through Avery’s surgery which is still Feb. 3!


Laura said...

Sending prayers Brielle's way:)

We Can Do All Things said...

Praying for Brielle!