Monday, January 2, 2012

Spica cast research and goals for 2012!!

Not going to lie not looking forward to the beginning part of 2012...Could it be possible to stay in 2011 a little bit longer..Guess not since its already Jan 1,!! Feb 3 is going to be here before i know it..I am having alot of anxiety issues about Averys upcoming surgery and not looking forward to the recovery at all..So in preparation for her surgery I have started watching a lot of youtube videos on how to do many different things with a hip spica cast on..Who would of thought..but yes they have a  youtube video of everything..I am convinced now..but I have to say they are very helpful!!!!  I have learned a lot and now have a long list of stuff I need to get before the surgery. So that lead me to today..I had to search for a female funnel today. Guess where it lead me..GoGO Girl don’t take life sitting down..that is there motto and they gear there advertising toward women who don’t want to squat..and the pictures I found well lets just say I got a really good laugh this morning..I have to share some of the pictures I found so you can get a good laugh also!! Actually I will just tell what I found..apparently in UK they have stand up urinals for females so u have to carry around these funnels so u can pee standing up..also I found one ladies blog where she took pictures of her peeing standing up from different places around the it would say I peed standing up in Tennessee.. REally???!!!!  Yes I am not kidding!!!!!!   I can see sometimes it actually might come in handy where u go into the really dirty bathrooms and don’t really want to squat on the toilet but to actually go out and buy a funnel so u can pee standing up..well not me I guess…lol!! But I did have to buy one for Avery bc I am thinking it will help her go to the bathroom on a regular toilet and help her pee go in the toilet and not everywhere else and maybe then we can stay from the other female urinals bc I don’t think she will go in them..since I have such a hard time getting her to pee on the toilet for the very first time.
Well I have made my list of my New Years Resolutions too…have u???? 
1. To be a good mom..for my kids to remember me laughing with them, playing with them, helping them, and loving them..I need to enjoy the the simple things...i need to simplify...i need to become a simple be able to drop what ever i am doing just to play with let them help me in the kitchen and create a big mess{ I will really need to work on this bc sometimes it is sooo much easier to just not let them help bc I cant stand the mess they make afterwards..} My kids are growing up way to fast and i just want to try to slow down and really enjoy my kids!!!
2. Read the entire bible in one year. I have one of the bibles where they break it up for your daily reading each day to make it through the entire bible in one year. THey are the one year bibles..
3. Get organized…I am on a mission this year to ward out a lot of junk and get organized!!!  I am tired of it…
4. Get fit..I am going to start over on my 5k goal bc it didn’t get far last time..I found a cool app on my phone to help me train to be able to run a 5k.  It’s the couch to 5k in case anyone wants to join meWinking smile but the whole concept is getting u off the couch and running a 5k in nine weeks. You see I love the idea of running and always wanted to be able to run longer then a mile but honestily I have been working myself up to running just a mile this last year and havent got no where!!!  So I found this app and started it and loved it and made it to week four but then the whole time change really threw me off and I never found time to go running so then I found a nice treadmill on craigslist so I am going to give it a try on a treadmill this time to see if it works better!!  Will I actually run a 5k well I don’t know but maybe..but if I can just be able to run three miles without killing myself well then I will consider that I have accomplished my goal!! 
5. Start saving more..bc I am tired of spending money!!!! A couple of years ago we had a goal to stop using credit cards and it was the best decision ever..We cut them up then and never looked back!! I love not having debt except our house!!  If I don’t have the money for something that I want then I guess I don’t need it!! 
6. Get healthy and start eating healthy too!!!  I have  found a really good option for me for breakfast so far..IT is a healthy shake that is full of vitamins and gives u lots of to eat more healthy for lunch and dinner..that will be the trick!!
I think that is a good list this year!!   How about you???  How is your goals/resolutions coming for 2012??!!! Share them with me if u want maybe it will help give me more ideas!!!!

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Becky said...

Okay, love those goals, I have tried reading the entire bible as a goal...unfortunately not successful yet. I now have a devotional I love and it keeps me in the word. Last year, I started running more so I am excited to hear you training for a run. I am thinking about a 10k this year as my goal. We will see! Yes, our girls are so close but yours has such long beautiful hair! Kristen may never have thick hair! :). I wanted to see what kind of surgery Avery was having so I could pray for it. I read more of your blog so I will definitely focus those prayers!