Thursday, March 26, 2009

What in the world!!!

Ok what in the world. Could anything else possibly go wrong??!!! Well my oldest Destiny has lice. I cant believe it!!! Urrghghhgh!! I am just itching as i am typing this and i know that pretty soon as you keep reading this you wiill be itching too:)) She complained that her head itched after she got out of the shower tonight so i thought i would check her head..and sure enough there they were crawling around..eeeccckkk!!!!!! and so i immediatley covered her head in mayo and let it sit there for about 30 minutes..i guess you all know what i will be doing tomorrow..nothing will be left unturned..any advice????!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Passing Storm

There is no easier way to do this so I am going to tell everyone hear bc i know that most of my family reads this that way i dont have to talk to everyone and keep repeating myself. But I had to go to the hospital yesterday and I had a D&C. For those of you that dont know what that means, I had a miscarriage and i had to have a D&C bc i was bleeding to much and it was going on longer then expected. It is a pretty simple procedure since all i did was sleep the whole time. THey do put you out for it. I was in ALOT of pain the whole weekend..i cant even describe the pain i was in..i have never experienced anything like it..It started Friday night but the cramping didn't start until Saturday afternoon and i finally decided to call the dr on Sunday afternoon after i was thinking that this possibly cant be normal. He told me to come in right away. I am fine now and resting. We will make it through this..There is a christian song that i hear alot and i always fall back on it.."I will praise you in this storm." I try to remember that..even though it is hard when we go through these storms we have to remember that only God will get us through these storms..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sad, day!!

I thought i would update you all on little William..They have found his body in the Tiger River. All i can say is Please, Please keep this family in your prayers and that God will comfort there hearts as much as possible during this time of grief. There is great comfort knowing that William is safe in the arms of Jesus. My heart just grieves for this family. I only knew William for a couple of hours while i did his pictures but he was the most precious boy ever. I am so thankful that I got to take his pictures for his family to remember him by because they were having such a hard time getting a good picture of him. Remember hug your child and tell them that you love them and kiss them often bc you never know what will happen tomorrow!! Even though all of you that may be reading this live hundreds of miles away we can all do something for this family..we can all PRAY for this family!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Asking for prayers!!

I am asking for prayers for the Eschenbach family. This little boy William is missing. He is two years old. He has been missing since around 4:00pm yesterday. He was out playing with his sister yesterday in his backyard. The fence got open not sure if the sister opened it or what but he got out. They live in front of a huge 224 acre wooded area with rivers. He is autistic and is really scared of people. He doesnt talk. It really isnt a good situation. There has not been any trace yet or anything. You can go to for updates. I will keep you posted too.. Here is a picture of little William Eschenbach that i had taken awhile ago.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Avery trying to walk Everywhere!!

We are so excited!! Avery is trying and doing very good at walking everywhere!! We are getting there..Pretty soon she is going to be a pro..On of our goals for her was to have her walking by her second birthday and i would say that she met that..since we have five more days to go:)) Maybe in a week she will be a wont be long.She gets her inerts today and then off to the shoe store to find some shoes that fit with them..So with the help of them and her eagerness to want to walk we will get there..What a big girl already!! sniff:(:( I cant believe my baby is going to be two on Friday..Hope you all enjoy the video..she tells everyone "hi" and the end then "bye-bye" and a few times i think she says "bump" when she falls which probably seems like a lot but i taped her for awhile so that might be too and when she gets really excited to walk to you she falls even more bc she dont wait to get her balance she just wants to get to you..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brielle's hair is gone!!

So on Sunday Brielle got a hair cut. She wanted her hair short and we have been talking about it bc it is much easier for her to take a shower and wash it herself if it is shorter..even though i miss her hair already . It is just pretty hard for me to get used to her hair short..but her are a few pictures..I think it might be a little too short for me.. what do you think?? Does she look ok with short hair???

We are home!!

We are home and pretty much everything went GREAT!!! We had to be there by 830am. She was schduled to be the first one. But the dr had an emergency surgery to do this morning so he didnt end up getting there until 1030..which was a little frustrating bc they had taken us back to pre-op right away then we had to sit back there in the room until 1030 and towards the end she was getting pretty cranky bc she was hungry bc she couldnt have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before. But they took her back at 1100 and they were done at 1130. She only had to get poked twice trying to find a vein for her IV. I was relieved about that bc they had told me that it might be a problem finding a good vein. The recovery was a bit tricky..While she was coming out of it she did not want anything on she ripped the cord off of her foot that monitors her heart then she tried to rip her IV out of her hand. But when i grabbed her hand she used her mouth and tried to rip it off..Ouch!!! The dr said that there was ALOT of fluid in her ears..he couldnt believe how much..but he got it all cleaned out..He said dont be surpirsed if she startles at loud movement..bc everything was probably muted with that much fluid in there..also know when she gets ear infections we try to treat them at home for a couple of days with the ear drops that he prescribed and if they dont get cleared up then we go in and he will blow the fluid out with the little microscopic tool..Interesting..huh?? I thought so..But we are home know and she has some pain medicine in her and she is doing great..She will probably just need to be on pain medicine today..she is on an antiboitic so she doesnt get an infection with her adnoids..bc sometimes they get infections when they take them out so they did it as a precautionary.. well hopefully this will make her feel better.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We have a date

The ENT dr called me today...We have a date set up for Avery's tubes..Next Tuesday March 10th. Im not sure about the time..They kind of have quite the process that i have to go through i guess..First i had to wait for the appointment desk to call and set up an appointment..Which i am glad that we could get in on the 10th otherwise we would of had to wait until April..Then i have to wait for another surgery desk to call and set up a time..Then I have to go into the dr office on the 9th to do all the paperwork.. I think they just like to make alot fo work for themselves or me..But they did tell me that it would be in the morning..And since she is two that she will probably be one of the first ones..that is great and bad..that means we have to be there early, early for seduction. They go by the children's ages as to who goes first and where..I guess that's it for now..

Snow Cream....

Start with some fresh snow!!!!

Add a few ingredients and mix..

The end product....Snow Cream..YUMMY!!!!!

So we decided to make some Snow Cream..I'm sure you all know what it is..but for those of you that dont know what it is..its basically ice cream made of FRESH fallen snow...The girls loved it and had a blast making it..It is so easy and doesnt take long at alll...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We got SNOW!!!

Well it started out as rain then gradually turned into a snow storm..YEAH!! The kids were so excited..It snowed all night Sunday they woke up bright and early so they could go and play in it.They were scared it was going to melt right away and they wouldnt get a chance to play in it..Yes they called of school Monday and today..i guess we will see about tomorrow..THey could of went today but they were worried about black ice i guess..THe good news is that by the end of the week we will be back up to 75!! THis is my kind of snow..Here today and gone tomorrow and probably wont have to deal with it for another year:))Enjoy the pictures!!

Warming up after being in the snow....

Sledding South Carolina style..boogie boards..hehe!!!

She was a little upset..the neighbors dog came and took her mitten off...