Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We are home!!

We are home and pretty much everything went GREAT!!! We had to be there by 830am. She was schduled to be the first one. But the dr had an emergency surgery to do this morning so he didnt end up getting there until 1030..which was a little frustrating bc they had taken us back to pre-op right away then we had to sit back there in the room until 1030 and towards the end she was getting pretty cranky bc she was hungry bc she couldnt have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before. But they took her back at 1100 and they were done at 1130. She only had to get poked twice trying to find a vein for her IV. I was relieved about that bc they had told me that it might be a problem finding a good vein. The recovery was a bit tricky..While she was coming out of it she did not want anything on her...so she ripped the cord off of her foot that monitors her heart then she tried to rip her IV out of her hand. But when i grabbed her hand she used her mouth and tried to rip it off..Ouch!!! The dr said that there was ALOT of fluid in her ears..he couldnt believe how much..but he got it all cleaned out..He said dont be surpirsed if she startles at loud movement..bc everything was probably muted with that much fluid in there..also know when she gets ear infections we try to treat them at home for a couple of days with the ear drops that he prescribed and if they dont get cleared up then we go in and he will blow the fluid out with the little microscopic tool..Interesting..huh?? I thought so..But we are home know and she has some pain medicine in her and she is doing great..She will probably just need to be on pain medicine today..she is on an antiboitic so she doesnt get an infection with her adnoids..bc sometimes they get infections when they take them out so they did it as a precautionary.. well hopefully this will make her feel better.

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Debbie said...

Glad everything went okay!