Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We have a date

The ENT dr called me today...We have a date set up for Avery's tubes..Next Tuesday March 10th. Im not sure about the time..They kind of have quite the process that i have to go through i guess..First i had to wait for the appointment desk to call and set up an appointment..Which i am glad that we could get in on the 10th otherwise we would of had to wait until April..Then i have to wait for another surgery desk to call and set up a time..Then I have to go into the dr office on the 9th to do all the paperwork.. I think they just like to make alot fo work for themselves or me..But they did tell me that it would be in the morning..And since she is two that she will probably be one of the first ones..that is great and bad..that means we have to be there early, early for seduction. They go by the children's ages as to who goes first and where..I guess that's it for now..

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