Thursday, December 31, 2009

They are finally here!!!

I started to go into labor on my own saturday night so we went to the hospital but the dr on call stopped me..I was at 2cm and was 80% effaced..but since i was 35w 5d and not 36 weeks they had to stop me. So they succeeded and stopped me with a shot of some of the worst stuff i have ever pretty much gave me a heart attack. It sends your heart racing and gives u the shakes..They had to give me two doses of it. Well Sunday night i contracted alot and Monday..I went in to my dr on Tuesday and she told me that i hadnt changed but since i was 36 weeks now if i went and did an amniocentesis to check the lung maturity she would do my c-section the next day. I guess it is state law that if you arent 36 weeks u have to try to stop the labor and to get induced or have a scheduled c-section u have to have the amnio to check lung maturity. So anyways i got in with the specialist that day (Tuesday) to do the amnio. Since it was so late in the day by the time i was done i wouldnt know the results until the morning. and my c-section they scheduled for 12:00pm and told me to be at the hospital at 10:00am. So yesterday morning i called the dr office to find out if the lungs were mature..and tehy said that they were so we were good to go!!! Yey!!!! I couldnt wait to be done I have been so miserable with so much contractin the last week it couldnt go fast enough!! I went in for my c-section yesterday at 10:00 am and we went back to the c-section room at 1:00 and had them at 1:24pm and 1:26pm..Everything went really good..Jayla was having a little bit of noisy breathing at first and so bc of that we couldnt hold her right away bc didnt want to put any extra stress on her but she started doing great after a couple of hours then we were okay to hold her nad for the nurse to give her a bath..Tehy have been doing great ever since..and I have been recovering slowly..It hasnt been the greatest..ive been really dizzzy and light headed and then today i started running a fever too and was still dizzy so they figured it mucst be the pain medicine and switched here are a few pictures of the girls..i need to get some of jayla with her eyes open bbut she has been sleeping all day today and hasnt really had her eyes open..We get to go home Saturday morning..

Jianna is on the left and Jayla is on the right

Jayla Helen born at 1:26pm weight:6lbs 8oz length: 20 3/4inches

Jianna on the left and Jayla on the right

Jianna Mae: born at 1:24pm weight: 6lbs length: 20inches

Jianna Mae

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Just thought I would quickly update you all on my last appointment bc I dont think I did...Im still holding strong!! I am sooo ready to be done but I guess I would rather hold off until Christmas is over now.But once Christmas is over Im all over trying to get myself to go...I seen the Dr. on the 17th..and had an ultrasound..Baby A was 5lbs5oz..and measureing 33ww5d..and baby b was 4lbs13oz. and measuring 33w1d. Everything else looked good heartbeats..fluid around the babies..She gave me a date..Jan 5 she will take them c-section..I knew I was already going to have to have a c-section. The catch is that i have to have an amniocentesis on Jan.4 to check to lung maturity..I have checked out the risks and there doest seem tobe any really this late in the stage maybe the only one is sending u into labor..It might be painful too but i figured I can handle a few minutes of pain compared to how i have been feeling.. So we will see..Ill keep you all updated!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Here are a few pictures of the girls putting up the Christmas Tree..I am so glad that the girls are older and love to decorate the tree bc then all i have to do is sit back and watch them..It is so fun to watch them light up when they remember there ornaments that they have made from the previous years. Avery was all excited to try to put the ornanments on too..and when she actually got one to stay on the tree she started clapping for herself and saying "yea" :))

LOL!! The girls just being silly..

Happy Birthday Brielle

Happy 6th Birthday to Brielle!! When she woke up on her birthday..she says "Mom how come I dont look 6?" they say the funniest things.

For her birthday we did the same thing that we did when it was Destiny's..She got to invite one friend to Build-A-Bear and we went out to eat and then went to spend some money in Claires. She will get her cake this weekend when we have the family over to celebrate her birthday. But on her birthday she/we had cupcakes..She and her friend both had a GREAT it was a success with her too:))
Here are a few pictures from her birthday!!

34 weeks and counting down:)

Well i know its been a couple of weeks but Ive been busy trying to get everything ready for the babies and for Christmas..Its nice to say that i am ready for both:)) My sister-in-laws there me a baby shower last week so I got alot of stuff that i needed and diapers and wipes:))) I also had my dr appointment/ultrasound last week too...Both babies look great..Baby A is 4lbs 6oz and measures 32w 5d and baby B is 4lbs 4oz and measures 32w 2d. Both of there heads are up in the left corner of my belly so it is REALLY uncomfortable. So yes they are still breech. Everything else looked great..i finally gained a little bit of weight so my dr was happy with that..we are all just anxiously waiting to meet the little ones...I think it will be prettty soon at least im hoping:)) bc im sooo uncomfotable and in lots of pain...

This last week I have been taking care of Avery..she has been very sick with a HIGH fever and that was it.Even with tylenol or motrn in her she was still hot...i took her in to the dr just to make sure that it wasnt h1n1 or flu..i didnt want to take any chances with me being pregnant..anyways it wasnt and he said tht it was just a virus but now she broke out in a rash all over her belly and back so i think it is roseola..

Here are a few pictures of me at 32 already alot bigger then this but these will have to do..i tried to tell Jared what and how to take some of these pictures..he at least thinks he is a good photgrapher now..haha!! The others were self photography..boy was that challenging!!!