Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hollywild Christmas Light Safari

One of our family traditions is driving through Hollywild every year..We are lucky enough to live by Hollywild..for those that dont know what Hollywild is it’s an animal park during the summer {apparently every animal in the park is famous somehow..hence the name;)} but during the winter it is a Holiday Light Safari.  There are about 3 million lights so they say:)to see  and you drive through almost 100 acres of lights….The girls look forward to going every year and I secretly do tooo…sssshhh don’t tell…Jared is probably the only one that doesn't..he thinks if  you have seen it once why go see it again..bc sometimes you have to wait in a super I mean SUPER long lines to get in…
  Doesn't he look enthused???:o)
This is the entrance we are in the middle and on both sides of us there are six lanes of cars waiting to get into the park….we only waited in line for about a half an hour..that's really good..last year we waited way over an hour and with little ones that is kind of hard for them to sit and wait that long…
DSC_8659 DSC_8674
They also have  a deer forest that are filled with herd of roaming animals(the biggest COW I have ever seen and that says alot since I do come from SD)  that eat right  from your hand!! Well we didn't have much luck with the deer this year..they wouldnt eat anything from any of us..they kept running away..
This was the closest we got to any deer and he wouldn't eat our food…
Avery loved this fish..she kept signing fish until we were past it…. 
The Cheerio tree…Ha thats what the girls called it..but its really wreaths hanging from the tree
DSC_8709 DSC_8710 DSC_8722
They also have a really neat nativity scene that shows the reflection of the birth of baby Jesus… 
Avery has been doing this thing with her head alot of my pictures have her head tilted to the side like this:)

They also have recently added a walk area where there are petting areas, and bottle feeding the baby animals, a huge bonfire, hot cocoa and marshmallows of course…We didn't do the walking area this year bc it was super cold out and we figured it wasn’t worth everyone suffering especially the babies… 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Baking

Here are some pictures from our Christmas baking this year..sorry that im posting it after Christmas but the week before Christmas was very crazy for us..I had Christmas at our house this year so you can imagine how busy we were…anyways I have alot of different posts that I plan on posting in the next couple of that Christmas is over I can share all the gifts that we made…so stay tuned…:) 
Making Hershey kiss cookies..yummy:) Love these:)  My grandma always made these and I loved them then too!!
My girls are finally old enough to do the covered pretzels all by themselves…YEEESSSSSS!!! {i really hate doing them but we love them so much that we have to do them} and tehy enjoyed it :o)
Dipping pretzels…Did you notice Destiny’s finger..yes we didn't start our baking off very good..she ended up cutting the tip of her finger off while she was trying to cut up some chocolate.  {I must take after Destiny though bc as I'm typing this today my finger is wrapped up too bc I cut the tip of mine tonight}
DSC_8745 DSC_8741
Cutting out gingerbread mans..this was our first year making these and probably will be our last..they didnt go over to well… to much work for them not to go over very well…
I LOVE how Avery says “eewie” and we were trying to get her to frost some cookies but she thought it was was so cute I had to tape her…
We finally got her to frost a cookie and she really enjoyed it..youll notice her even liking her fingers in the video to taste the frosting…
Avery frosting her gingerbread man..notice her holding the very tip of the cookie so it wont move and so she wont get any frosting on her…
Avery's gingerbread cookie:)
Making a gingerbread house..The girls had lots of fun doing it….
DSC_8794 c
They did a good job huh???!!!
Yes good ole cut out Christmas cookies…Avery loved doing it this year..she had so much fun cutting them out and frosting them….bc we did them after the Gingerbread cookies so she knew what to expect…

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Brielle

Brielle turned seven on the ninth…It seems like yesterday that we were off to the hospital to have her…she was the fastest and easiest delivery out of all my children…i went in to be induced and two hours later she was born…So every year my girls get to pick out here meal and her meal that  she requested was ham and mashed potatoes with gravy..she isn't hard to please at all:) with strawberry shortcake for dessert bc she will be having her cake when she has her party with her friends..
 DSC_8290 c DSC_8310 c
I made  Brielle her seven shirt..she had lots of fun picking out her abric and making sure it was NOTHING like Destiny’s shirt at all…lol!!
Brielle is also into Build-A-Bear. Mom do you like the ice skate outfit you got her;) She really liked it!!! She also got a Next Generation doll too!! 
DSC_8304 DSC_8309 c
Apparently she didn't like the!!  I threw the diaper in the box with her charm bracelet  to throw her off..bc i knew if i didn't she would guess what was in the box right away bc Destiny had just gotten a charm bracelet for her birthday and it would of sounded the!!! 
DSC_8302 DSC_8300
Brielle wanted a purse party for her party with her friends…Destiny had a purse party a couple of years ago and I guess Brielle really liked that party and wanted the same..well not exactly the same but similar..
The invitations!!!!
Decorating the purses…..
The purses drying…..
Playing pin the tail on the donkey
Playing hot potato purse!!!
DSC_8615 c
Brielle with her purse cake and her little coin purse that I made her..she wanted purple bc Destiny had pink and she didnt want the same either..haha!!!! 
Brielle with her friends..then I printed them off and the girls decorated clear picture frames so they could take home a picture of all of them..
Whew…I'm just glad to be done until next year now…

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Just want to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Front - Copy
Inside Spread tk 2 - Copy

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eleven Months

Here are some recent pictures of the twins along with there eleven month picture…. cant believe they are going to be one at the end of the month!!!
DSC_8355 copyDSC_8405
The only way we could get them to remotely sit still for a little bit was letting them play with ornaments otherwise they were way to mobile..whew its hard work to take pictures with both of them in them and both looking at me…they just want to move!!!!
Jayla on left, Jianna on right
 DSC_8165 DSC_8179
I know I should really stop taking pictures of them fighting but I just cant help!!!!  Jayla of course is in green and on top causing the trouble!!! 
DSC_8283 DSC_8282
Jianna, Jayla
 DSC_8266 DSC_8268