Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Brielle

Brielle turned seven on the ninth…It seems like yesterday that we were off to the hospital to have her…she was the fastest and easiest delivery out of all my children…i went in to be induced and two hours later she was born…So every year my girls get to pick out here meal and her meal that  she requested was ham and mashed potatoes with gravy..she isn't hard to please at all:) with strawberry shortcake for dessert bc she will be having her cake when she has her party with her friends..
 DSC_8290 c DSC_8310 c
I made  Brielle her seven shirt..she had lots of fun picking out her abric and making sure it was NOTHING like Destiny’s shirt at all…lol!!
Brielle is also into Build-A-Bear. Mom do you like the ice skate outfit you got her;) She really liked it!!! She also got a Next Generation doll too!! 
DSC_8304 DSC_8309 c
Apparently she didn't like the!!  I threw the diaper in the box with her charm bracelet  to throw her off..bc i knew if i didn't she would guess what was in the box right away bc Destiny had just gotten a charm bracelet for her birthday and it would of sounded the!!! 
DSC_8302 DSC_8300
Brielle wanted a purse party for her party with her friends…Destiny had a purse party a couple of years ago and I guess Brielle really liked that party and wanted the same..well not exactly the same but similar..
The invitations!!!!
Decorating the purses…..
The purses drying…..
Playing pin the tail on the donkey
Playing hot potato purse!!!
DSC_8615 c
Brielle with her purse cake and her little coin purse that I made her..she wanted purple bc Destiny had pink and she didnt want the same either..haha!!!! 
Brielle with her friends..then I printed them off and the girls decorated clear picture frames so they could take home a picture of all of them..
Whew…I'm just glad to be done until next year now…


Michelle said...

what a cute party! The invites are adorable! Happy belated birthday brielle!!!

Teresa Matson said...

What a creative and fun mom you are! My 6 year old would love a party like this! Her next birthday isn't until October so hopefully I remember!