Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hollywild Christmas Light Safari

One of our family traditions is driving through Hollywild every year..We are lucky enough to live by Hollywild..for those that dont know what Hollywild is it’s an animal park during the summer {apparently every animal in the park is famous somehow..hence the name;)} but during the winter it is a Holiday Light Safari.  There are about 3 million lights so they say:)to see  and you drive through almost 100 acres of lights….The girls look forward to going every year and I secretly do tooo…sssshhh don’t tell…Jared is probably the only one that doesn't..he thinks if  you have seen it once why go see it again..bc sometimes you have to wait in a super I mean SUPER long lines to get in…
  Doesn't he look enthused???:o)
This is the entrance we are in the middle and on both sides of us there are six lanes of cars waiting to get into the park….we only waited in line for about a half an hour..that's really good..last year we waited way over an hour and with little ones that is kind of hard for them to sit and wait that long…
DSC_8659 DSC_8674
They also have  a deer forest that are filled with herd of roaming animals(the biggest COW I have ever seen and that says alot since I do come from SD)  that eat right  from your hand!! Well we didn't have much luck with the deer this year..they wouldnt eat anything from any of us..they kept running away..
This was the closest we got to any deer and he wouldn't eat our food…
Avery loved this fish..she kept signing fish until we were past it…. 
The Cheerio tree…Ha thats what the girls called it..but its really wreaths hanging from the tree
DSC_8709 DSC_8710 DSC_8722
They also have a really neat nativity scene that shows the reflection of the birth of baby Jesus… 
Avery has been doing this thing with her head alot of my pictures have her head tilted to the side like this:)

They also have recently added a walk area where there are petting areas, and bottle feeding the baby animals, a huge bonfire, hot cocoa and marshmallows of course…We didn't do the walking area this year bc it was super cold out and we figured it wasn’t worth everyone suffering especially the babies… 

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