Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Baking

Here are some pictures from our Christmas baking this year..sorry that im posting it after Christmas but the week before Christmas was very crazy for us..I had Christmas at our house this year so you can imagine how busy we were…anyways I have alot of different posts that I plan on posting in the next couple of days..now that Christmas is over I can share all the gifts that we made…so stay tuned…:) 
Making Hershey kiss cookies..yummy:) Love these:)  My grandma always made these and I loved them then too!!
My girls are finally old enough to do the covered pretzels all by themselves…YEEESSSSSS!!! {i really hate doing them but we love them so much that we have to do them} and tehy enjoyed it :o)
Dipping pretzels…Did you notice Destiny’s finger..yes we didn't start our baking off very good..she ended up cutting the tip of her finger off while she was trying to cut up some chocolate.  {I must take after Destiny though bc as I'm typing this today my finger is wrapped up too bc I cut the tip of mine tonight}
DSC_8745 DSC_8741
Cutting out gingerbread mans..this was our first year making these and probably will be our last..they didnt go over to well… to much work for them not to go over very well…
I LOVE how Avery says “eewie” and we were trying to get her to frost some cookies but she thought it was eewie..it was so cute I had to tape her…
We finally got her to frost a cookie and she really enjoyed it..youll notice her even liking her fingers in the video to taste the frosting…
Avery frosting her gingerbread man..notice her holding the very tip of the cookie so it wont move and so she wont get any frosting on her…
Avery's gingerbread cookie:)
Making a gingerbread house..The girls had lots of fun doing it….
DSC_8794 c
They did a good job huh???!!!
Yes good ole cut out Christmas cookies…Avery loved doing it this year..she had so much fun cutting them out and frosting them….bc we did them after the Gingerbread cookies so she knew what to expect…

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