Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!! i hope you all had a great time and stayed safe..Poor, poor Brielle..she always gets suckered into doing everything!!! I have to share a story with you all..We just started trick or treating and I was standing back listening to girls as they are standing in front of the door..Destiny wispers to Brielle "you ring the doorbell"..Brielle- "no i dont want to"..Destiny "you do it" Brielle- no you do it" and they went back and forth like that for awhile and Brielle got stuck ringing the doorbell at almost every house..Destiny played more shy while Brielle had no problem telling them Trick or treat and no problem digging in the candy and taking handfuls of candy out..i was kind of embarassed..she would try to go back for two handfuls:))This year all the girls were ballerinas!!

All it takes is one!!

I have to share with you all an awesome story!!! I was telling a family that i knew the other day at church about the international down syndrome adoption website (the one in the corner of this page). I knew that they were possibly considering adoption. They had did it before but then the birth family came back and got the little girl back but anyways she was telling me that they were considering adoption again. So I told her about the website. I had no idea how she felt about adopting a special needs child but I just felt compelled to tell her about Reese's Rainbow. I could feel God working in me..awesome feeling..anyways I have to tell you all the other day they committed to the little girl..she is so adorable..She was going to be going to an institute in January if they didn't find a family for her. She is from the Ukraine and is almost 4. They are so excited and i am so excited for them..They think that it will be around April when they get to bring her..Remember it only takes one....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Amazing what works for therapy

It really is amazing at what you can use for therapy and have it really work. I have been looking for a squiggle wiggle writer for some time now..(its a pen that vibrates as you use it to make it squiggle and wiggle) Well anyways everytime that they would uuse it in speech therapy i would notice such a big difference in Avery. She would talk so much more. How do they use it im sure you are asking?? Well you just put one the finger nuk infant brushes on the end where the writer goes and just put it in her mouth and turn it on and it is really good deep pressure in her mouth. IT makes her more aware of her mouth. SHe eats better if she uses it first for a few minutes. She loves it so much.. It also is vibrating in her hand as she is using it and that vibration is so good for them. She likes to put it on her cheek to and vibrate her cheek..but its all so good for her..
We are also looking into chewelry..i know right:)) the things parents come up with but hey they work..she has strong chewing moments when she needs to chew on things so she goes looking for shoes or whatever else so we are going to train her to chew on healthy things to fix that urge. So they have rubber necklaces or bracelts to have her wear so when she gets the urge she can chew on that..she also some chew toys to use to..if we dont train her now when she gets older when she gets the urge to chew on something she is just going ot go nuts until she finds something like shoes..and we dont want that..cna you imagine how her pencils are going to look??!! They are going to look like smokers pencils:))

Friday, October 24, 2008

Results are back!!

I got the results to the blood work today.It all turned out good. We wont know the T3results until a week or so. Everytime she gets blood work done I get all stressed out. Tell me one parent that wouldnt be if they were testing there childs blood for leukemia. So thats why I do. But Thanks be to God that it all came back normal!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Blood Work

We will see if it comes back normal this time.. Every six months Avery gets blood work done to check her thyroid and blood count. The last time they did it, the thyroid came back with abnormal results. So we had to go to the thyroid dr. and he wanted to recheck it bc Greenville Hospital was producing alot of abnormal results bc they had faulty test or something. So we redid the blood work and it came back normal and the endocrinologist( thyroid dr) said that we didnt need to come back unless we had another abnormal test. So we will see how this goes. Everything except for the T3 we will find out tomorrow but the T3 we have to wait a week. They also did a complete blood count. Mainly to check for leukemia. Its a little nerve wreacking.. I am sure that you all have heard me say this before but in case you havent children with ds have a higher chance of getting leukemia so my dr always wants to take extra precautions and check everything good when he does the blood work. I hate getting her blood work it breaks my heart everytime. The whole way home Avery would look at her band aid and start to cry poor baby:(((
Let you know tomorrow how the results are!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Power of One

"There are children all over the world in need of a family, love, and basic care. Many of these children have disabilities and are placed in mental institutions at the age of 4 or 5. In these places the children rarely live past the age of 10 and most die within the first year. Will you help to spread the word to raise funds and families for orphans with disabilities? Please visit Reece's Rainbow and see how your donation- however large or small- can help a child find a family. Look a little harder and you just might find the calling for one of them to be your own.

If finances aren't a way you can help, please look across their photos and say a prayer that each one will find their forever family soon. Reece's Rainbow is an International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry which also advocates for orphans with other disabilites across the globe. Please "grab this button" and post it with a message to your own readers as well. It starts with ONE, but then grows exponentially. You never know, your own post may be one that finds a family for one of these precious children."

Reece's Rainbow
Grab This Button
The code will produce this on your website:

Grab This Button

(Jared and I are looking into adopting another little girl with down prepared if you go to the site it will tug at your heart.)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Buddy Walk 2008

This Sunday was the Buddy Walk. They had clowns, magic show, (that the girls just loved and Destiny is always trying to disappear everything now). Thank you to all of you that donated money for Avery. Avery got 2nd for the most money raised. We were only a $120 short of being the winner..Total that Avery raised was $1445.00..She got a pig for being in 2nd and she loves it!! She loves to cuddle it and squish it and she even wanted to take it to bed with her last night...Heres a few pictures from the Buddy Walk!!

Avery and her pig:))

All the special buddies!!!

Avery with Carmen (her Early Interventionist-EI)

Avery accepting her award for 2nd place!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is so sweet:))

You all have to go and watch this video. IT is so sweet. I love it!!! Its a video of a senior crowned high school queen. The girl has down syndrome..Even princess can have down syndrome:)))

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Destiny!!

Its hard to believe that 7 years ago I had my first baby girl!! Where does the time go??!!! This past weekend Destiny had her birthday party. She wanted to have a purse party so thats what we did. I made her a purse cake, and at her party they decorated/ painted there own purses. We played hot potato purse. All of the girls had alot of fun!!

The girls decorating/painting there purses!!

The finished purses!!

She got a barbie kitchen show set up.. and of course i was listening in on them as they where playing..It was so cute..they were saying Hi Im rachel Ray today we are going to be making....then they said well i think we have to take a break we will be right back..welcome back everybody..hehe!!! and at the close of the girls show she tops it off with I hope you enjoy your delicious meal that is under 30 minutes..hehe!! I think they watch to much food network with me:))

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Little Goofy Girl!!

I have never been so embarrassed..On Sunday My little dolly decided to start puking during the sermon in church. So I am running out of church with a puking kid..nice!! I thought the people in front of us was going to jump out of the pew..:) but I guess I don't blame them I probably would of did the same thing. So all day on Sunday and Monday Avery was sick and wouldn't eat or drink anything. Well today she was still not eating or drinking. She was constantly showing me her tongue and trying to grab her tongue. So I seen this morning that her tongue was pretty raw so I decided to take her into the dr. and make sure it wasn't thrush. So we get into the dr.s office and at the front desk and the first thing Avery does is show all the girls her tongue.(all the girls just eat her up every time i go in there)"see everyone my tongue hurts!!"" that's what the lady at the desk said..and we are in the room waiting for the doctor to come in and the first thing that she does when he comes in is stick out her tongue and look at the dr. She is just wanting to let everyone know that her tongue hurts..ha ha!!!! So she wants to show you all that her tongue hurts:)))

They just said that it was a virus no thrush.. and it wasnt contagious but it would just have to run its course..she also was mildly dehydrated. In a week she lost 2lbs. I had a feeling that she had lost some weight but I guess that is to be expected since she wasnt eating or drinking anything.