Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Little Goofy Girl!!

I have never been so embarrassed..On Sunday My little dolly decided to start puking during the sermon in church. So I am running out of church with a puking kid..nice!! I thought the people in front of us was going to jump out of the pew..:) but I guess I don't blame them I probably would of did the same thing. So all day on Sunday and Monday Avery was sick and wouldn't eat or drink anything. Well today she was still not eating or drinking. She was constantly showing me her tongue and trying to grab her tongue. So I seen this morning that her tongue was pretty raw so I decided to take her into the dr. and make sure it wasn't thrush. So we get into the dr.s office and at the front desk and the first thing Avery does is show all the girls her tongue.(all the girls just eat her up every time i go in there)"see everyone my tongue hurts!!"" that's what the lady at the desk said..and we are in the room waiting for the doctor to come in and the first thing that she does when he comes in is stick out her tongue and look at the dr. She is just wanting to let everyone know that her tongue hurts..ha ha!!!! So she wants to show you all that her tongue hurts:)))

They just said that it was a virus no thrush.. and it wasnt contagious but it would just have to run its course..she also was mildly dehydrated. In a week she lost 2lbs. I had a feeling that she had lost some weight but I guess that is to be expected since she wasnt eating or drinking anything.


aliimberi said...

Such a dolly!!! I miss you guys!

Debbie said...

She's so cute..just letting you know I started a blog. Nothing on it yet, but hopefully soon:)