Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Blood Work

We will see if it comes back normal this time.. Every six months Avery gets blood work done to check her thyroid and blood count. The last time they did it, the thyroid came back with abnormal results. So we had to go to the thyroid dr. and he wanted to recheck it bc Greenville Hospital was producing alot of abnormal results bc they had faulty test or something. So we redid the blood work and it came back normal and the endocrinologist( thyroid dr) said that we didnt need to come back unless we had another abnormal test. So we will see how this goes. Everything except for the T3 we will find out tomorrow but the T3 we have to wait a week. They also did a complete blood count. Mainly to check for leukemia. Its a little nerve wreacking.. I am sure that you all have heard me say this before but in case you havent children with ds have a higher chance of getting leukemia so my dr always wants to take extra precautions and check everything good when he does the blood work. I hate getting her blood work it breaks my heart everytime. The whole way home Avery would look at her band aid and start to cry poor baby:(((
Let you know tomorrow how the results are!!

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Debbie said... I said on my blog, Kolby got his done yesterday. Luckily, it doesn't seem to really hurt him, he was fussing a bit because it was his nap time but that was it. I realized I hadn't replied to your ? the other day. All Kolby gets is therapy through the Birth to 3 program (which is completly free) so he hasn't been affected by any program cuts.