Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!! i hope you all had a great time and stayed safe..Poor, poor Brielle..she always gets suckered into doing everything!!! I have to share a story with you all..We just started trick or treating and I was standing back listening to girls as they are standing in front of the door..Destiny wispers to Brielle "you ring the doorbell"..Brielle- "no i dont want to"..Destiny "you do it" Brielle- no you do it" and they went back and forth like that for awhile and Brielle got stuck ringing the doorbell at almost every house..Destiny played more shy while Brielle had no problem telling them Trick or treat and no problem digging in the candy and taking handfuls of candy out..i was kind of embarassed..she would try to go back for two handfuls:))This year all the girls were ballerinas!!

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Amy said...

Too cute! Bet they had fun!
Make it worth the time Brielle and get all the candy you can get. :)