Monday, October 27, 2008

Amazing what works for therapy

It really is amazing at what you can use for therapy and have it really work. I have been looking for a squiggle wiggle writer for some time now..(its a pen that vibrates as you use it to make it squiggle and wiggle) Well anyways everytime that they would uuse it in speech therapy i would notice such a big difference in Avery. She would talk so much more. How do they use it im sure you are asking?? Well you just put one the finger nuk infant brushes on the end where the writer goes and just put it in her mouth and turn it on and it is really good deep pressure in her mouth. IT makes her more aware of her mouth. SHe eats better if she uses it first for a few minutes. She loves it so much.. It also is vibrating in her hand as she is using it and that vibration is so good for them. She likes to put it on her cheek to and vibrate her cheek..but its all so good for her..
We are also looking into chewelry..i know right:)) the things parents come up with but hey they work..she has strong chewing moments when she needs to chew on things so she goes looking for shoes or whatever else so we are going to train her to chew on healthy things to fix that urge. So they have rubber necklaces or bracelts to have her wear so when she gets the urge she can chew on that..she also some chew toys to use to..if we dont train her now when she gets older when she gets the urge to chew on something she is just going ot go nuts until she finds something like shoes..and we dont want that..cna you imagine how her pencils are going to look??!! They are going to look like smokers pencils:))

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