Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Avery’s 3yr. Pictures

I think these show her personality pretty well:))

DSC_7076 copy

DSC_7080 copy DSC_7090 copy
DSC_7112 copy

DSC_7096 copy DSC_7157 copy
DSC_7161 copy

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Go vote for Avery!!! Please:))

Go here and vote for Avery PLEASE:))))!!!  For the Upstate's most huggable bunny:))  Make sure to tell your friends to go and vote too:))  Look for Kristi and Avery's picture and then check it and then put your email at the bottom of the page..and then check your email to confirm your vote!! thats simple is that:)  It will only take a minute..i promise!!!  This is the picture that i put on there..

Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Avery’s Birthday

Saturday was Avery’s third birthday…Its crazy to think that she is three already…She was born at 6:52pm weighing 7lbs 30z. and was 19.5” long…Three years ago on the 20th we had our sweet Avery Joy. Little did we know our world was going to change that day. Some might think for the worse but for us it changed for the better. I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. I think will always remember everything about that day on her birthday. The ups and downs of it all, the head on collision with the brick wall….The whys and what ifs?? The pity party for myself, all the tears and the phone call with my dad…thanks Dad It helped more than you know:) But I had to go through all of that. I wouldn’t change a thing about my sweet Avery Joy….JOY, that is what she brings to our life and our family.  God doesn't make mistakes he knew what he was doing when Avery was born and I thank God everyday for giving us such a wonderful blessing!! I love you Dolly and Happy 3rd Birthday!!! 
"God doesn't give children with special needs to strong people; He gives children with special needs to ordinary, weak people and then gives them strength. Raising a child with Down syndrome doesn't TAKE a special family, it MAKES a special family."

Remember me asking you all what  I should do about her cake bc she doesn't like cake, cookies, ice cream or anything like that.….well  I did a Circus cake and that way she could have a lollypop for her birthday:)
My circus cake..what do you think???  It was suppose to have them big swirly lollypops on the top but I couldn't find them anywhere!!!
She enjoyed her lollypop too:))
Ooh a baby!!!  And the baby started to talk to her so she is trying to figure her out..Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Guderian for the baby doll:)
Brielle, Avery, & Destiny
Destiny is such a nice big sister..she read Avery’s cards to her:)
Avery and Brielle having a tea party.
Destiny made Avery a present(a book that she wrote) and she is helping her open it here..
It read pg 1 Avery is my sister..she is cute..she has cute clothes…. pg 2-Avery is fun and nice… I hope she learns a lot…. pg 3-Avery lets you play with her…pg 4-Avery has Down Syndrome. It is harder for her…pg 5- I love her very much..
Isn’t that the sweetest book ever..I love it!!:)
Avery loving her shoes that she got…and vacuum….since she follows mine all around when i try to vacuum I figured she would really like one..and she loves it!!  It even makes sounds…how cool is that!!
DSC_7599 DSC_7637
I bet she wishes she listened to me now when I told her to put her shoes on..she was not liking the grass at all:)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture Post

This is a busy week for us...On Thursday it is our 10 year anniversary..WOW!! 10 years..we are suppose to be in Hawaii..hehe!! but i guess that wont be happening bc of the twins so maybe next year;) (We have always said that on our ten year anniv we would go to hawaii).. and then Avery's bday is on Saturday..there will be a post coming on that..just a question what would you give or make for someone on there birthday that dont like cake, cookies, bars or anything sweet??? Yeap that is Avery and I dont know what to do for her bday since she dont like any of that...and this time last year was pretty tough if you all remember its when I had my miscarriage..Looking on it today it is amazing how God works!! He saw me through the storm and blessed us with two babies. THe other sunday the sermon really hit home for me..I felt like he was talking just to me..dont u just love them sermons:) Anyways just thought i would share a little...Pastor Raymond was talking about storms in our we are going through the storms in life sometimes we dont know why we are going through them storms but it might be to help someone else later on..well after church i started thinking about some of the storms that i have gone through. After I had my miscarriage a couple months later there was a girl that i knew had a miscarriage and i used my experience to share some insight and feeling and just listened bc i understood!! Well anyways she told me that it really helped her.. I was very happy that i could be some help. So did God give me that miscarriage to help her?? well who knows and really i dont really need to know why i had a miscarriage. But it sure does make u look at some of your storms different. At least it does to me!! Have u thought that some of your storms in your walk of life were to benefit others???

If you havent checked out The Peppered Pantry you all are missing out. I have been asked to become a contributor so I am feeling very honored:) Thanks Holly and Michelle!! There are alot of quick and easy recipes over there..and they are all good:))

Just thought I would post some pics... beware there are alot;)

This is usually about how I put them at nap time and bedtime...notice how far apart they are...

And this is how I find them..they inch over until they are touching:D

Avery helping me fold some laundry:D

Check out her folded pile:P, and taking to talk to Jayla!
Giving Jayla some kisses!!!

Avery trying to take the diaper off!!

Looking at me to see if I was looking at her and to get my reaction to see if she should be doing it!

This girl LOVES books..but at least I got her hair done..I can read her a book while I am doing her hair and then she will sit still long enough to get her hair done;)

Jared hooked the babies up;) This is while I was TRYING to make supper..I cant wait for a couple more weeks in hopes that they will be alot better!!! It is very trying to have TWO crabby colicky babies ALL the time...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Miss Avery

Little Miss Avery up to no good:)) Can u tell she watches her mommy??? She is applying powder make up and knows exactly what to do!!

What do you think of her flower headband that I made??? (Avery must not of liked it though bc she took it off and hid it from me...I cant find it anywhere. I have searched my whole house.Little stinker!!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What did you get accomplished today???

Jared comes home and has asked me many times "What did you get accomplished today??" Well lets see.

Jayla (yea she dont like baths)

Jianna( she dont either:)

Hmmm..should I eat this?? Ill just give it a little try....

Oops!! That didnt taste very good!!!

But Avery loves her baths!!!

Yeap I got the kids bathed and well thats about it!!:)) So what did you get accomplished today?:D

Alphabet Letters

I had these tucked away for along time that I had originally made for the girls toy room...but decided that they wouldn't look too bad in Avery's I pulled them back out. I just scrapbooked a little 4x6 page for each letter..

Nursery Set

So many, many months ago I decided to sew my own crib set..I thought "Well I can do that!".."How hard can it really be??? Haha!!! So here is the final product Joyce:)) IT has taken me a LONG time and many, many phone calls to my mother in law asking "how do i do this?"" and at one point i was very tempted just to pack it all up and send it to her and let her finish it..but I am very proud of myself that I actually finished it..Would i do it again?? Ha now that is a funny one..NO!!! Of course I did it thinking I could save some money:)) but i just gave myself some extra stress and frustration..That crib blanket was very tricky..its not what i had originally had done..(oh yes I had that done so many times but i took it apart many times to)
Well heres some pics just dont look to close and dont worry I wont be going into the sewing business anytime soon..Ill leave that to my mil:))

Monday, March 1, 2010

Two Months

Wow..I cant believe they are two months already..but Im hoping the next month flies by quickly too:)) and they will then be three months and hopefully not so crabby!!! But Im not convinced that it is your regular case of colic though bc if they are awake they are they are in pain..and colic is usually te same time once a day..They had there two month check up and I cant believe how close there stats are!! Jayla is still a little bigger!!! Jayla is 10lbs, 22 1/4in, and Jianna is 9lbs 15oz, 22in..and there heads are the same now too..crazy how close they are..huh??? The dr also gave me a prescription for acid reflux and he said that in about a week i would see a difference if it was that and at two weeks we would really be able to tell if it was working. Well its been about a week and i am seeing a Im anxious to see how they will be in the next week..He had prescribed zantac and with Avery that didnt work at all but i thought well I will give it a try and see..I guess with acid reflux they dont have to be puking to have it..bc they dont spit up really at all..We also tried the chiropracter and well it didnt do anything in my opinion!!! She claimed that they were out of alignment but who knows..she also gave me some baby calm (natural stuff) and it gave my babies diarrhea so i stopped that right away too..

Other exciting news..Avery said two words together..Jared walked into the room and she goes "Hi Dada" It totallay melted Jareds heart..and mine:))) This is the first that either one of us has heard her say two words together like that.She usually just says one word...and of course its dada..(she is the biggest daddys girl ever)Im going to try to get it on video but we will see how well that goes...

Avery has finally started saying "mom" has always been more papa for mama..and if i ask her to say mama she still says papa but she will say after two years i finally am hearing her say "mom" :))) but guess how i get it...its more like moooooom (she is yelling it and drawing it out) but ill still take it:)) She has heard the girls yelling for me from uptstairs so she caught on to she goes around the house sometimes trying to find me and yelling mom..Luv it though!!!!

The new OT came and evaluted Avery last week and was really impressed with everything she saw..she couldnt believe how well she feed herself and that she can draw circles. She was looking over her previous goals that her other ot set for her and couldnt believe how difficult some of her goals werre that we had set but on the plus side Avery had actually met them:)) Overall Avery is doing very well...and our goal with OT right now is getting her ready for school..aaahh did i just say But i guess she does turn three this
But now i find out they are making DRASTIC budget cuts in SC so what does this mean for Avery..well we will just have to wait and see but she might not be getting services anymore..She isnt the only one either..About 30,000 kids they said on the news last night are going to be affected if it passes...That is nuts!!!! We will just have to see..

well i suppose i just want to leave you all with this link..if you are bored and want to go read this awesome birth will not be disappointed..She tells it so well..She expressed alot of the same emotions that I went through with Avery..some parts i felt like she could of been writing my own birth story..
just bring the kleenexes!!! Here is the link

L-Jayla, R-Jianna

L-Jayla, R-Jianna

Avery loves to try to help!!

Brielle is just starting to read in kindergarten and she is always wanting to read books to you so i told her to read to the girls:)) Seems like they all enjoyed it!!

If you ask Avery if she stinks she will plug her nose..or sometimes she will just come up to me and plug her nose...haha!!!