Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What did you get accomplished today???

Jared comes home and has asked me many times "What did you get accomplished today??" Well lets see.

Jayla (yea she dont like baths)

Jianna( she dont either:)

Hmmm..should I eat this?? Ill just give it a little try....

Oops!! That didnt taste very good!!!

But Avery loves her baths!!!

Yeap I got the kids bathed and well thats about it!!:)) So what did you get accomplished today?:D


Holly said...

well not as much as i wanted...but thats nothing new! lol I felt pretty good just getting supper made and trying to keep up with all the messes made;) lol

sarah said...

cute bedding! i wanted those colors if i had a girl:) somedays i dont get a whole lot accomplished either and i only have one baby who is fairly good!

Mary said...

Your daughters are just beautiful. You really have your hands full with five of them, all so different from each other. Today is off to a slow start. I got the bed made and put on a pot of coffee. Not exactly a human dynamo am I :-).

Naomi said...

I get quite a bit done nowadays :) I remember when the kids were little tho and I never had two the same age! And isn't it frustrating when your hubby asks you that?!!

Jessi said...

LOVE it!