Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture Post

This is a busy week for us...On Thursday it is our 10 year anniversary..WOW!! 10 years..we are suppose to be in Hawaii..hehe!! but i guess that wont be happening bc of the twins so maybe next year;) (We have always said that on our ten year anniv we would go to hawaii).. and then Avery's bday is on Saturday..there will be a post coming on that..just a question what would you give or make for someone on there birthday that dont like cake, cookies, bars or anything sweet??? Yeap that is Avery and I dont know what to do for her bday since she dont like any of that...and this time last year was pretty tough if you all remember its when I had my miscarriage..Looking on it today it is amazing how God works!! He saw me through the storm and blessed us with two babies. THe other sunday the sermon really hit home for me..I felt like he was talking just to me..dont u just love them sermons:) Anyways just thought i would share a little...Pastor Raymond was talking about storms in our we are going through the storms in life sometimes we dont know why we are going through them storms but it might be to help someone else later on..well after church i started thinking about some of the storms that i have gone through. After I had my miscarriage a couple months later there was a girl that i knew had a miscarriage and i used my experience to share some insight and feeling and just listened bc i understood!! Well anyways she told me that it really helped her.. I was very happy that i could be some help. So did God give me that miscarriage to help her?? well who knows and really i dont really need to know why i had a miscarriage. But it sure does make u look at some of your storms different. At least it does to me!! Have u thought that some of your storms in your walk of life were to benefit others???

If you havent checked out The Peppered Pantry you all are missing out. I have been asked to become a contributor so I am feeling very honored:) Thanks Holly and Michelle!! There are alot of quick and easy recipes over there..and they are all good:))

Just thought I would post some pics... beware there are alot;)

This is usually about how I put them at nap time and bedtime...notice how far apart they are...

And this is how I find them..they inch over until they are touching:D

Avery helping me fold some laundry:D

Check out her folded pile:P, and taking to talk to Jayla!
Giving Jayla some kisses!!!

Avery trying to take the diaper off!!

Looking at me to see if I was looking at her and to get my reaction to see if she should be doing it!

This girl LOVES books..but at least I got her hair done..I can read her a book while I am doing her hair and then she will sit still long enough to get her hair done;)

Jared hooked the babies up;) This is while I was TRYING to make supper..I cant wait for a couple more weeks in hopes that they will be alot better!!! It is very trying to have TWO crabby colicky babies ALL the time...


Debbie said...

10 years for you and 5 for us! Avery looks older everytime you post pictures:)

Holly said...

We were supposed to go to Hawaii for our 10 year too!! lol Man that would be rough having a kid who doesn't like sweet stuff;) Maybe you could check around for some low sugar recipes for cake or cupcakes?? Cute pictures of the kiddos:)

Michelle said...

Avery, the little mother again!! Maybe you should do a fruit bouquet like off of Edible arrangments?!?!? have you seen them? they are cool.

Anonymous said...

Hope they get over the colic soon-have you tried gripe water and /or mylicon drops?

Kristi said...

Ive tried both!!!

couture unraveled said...

Your blog and soooo cute!!! and so are all the pics of your girls!! Love It!!