Monday, March 1, 2010

Two Months

Wow..I cant believe they are two months already..but Im hoping the next month flies by quickly too:)) and they will then be three months and hopefully not so crabby!!! But Im not convinced that it is your regular case of colic though bc if they are awake they are they are in pain..and colic is usually te same time once a day..They had there two month check up and I cant believe how close there stats are!! Jayla is still a little bigger!!! Jayla is 10lbs, 22 1/4in, and Jianna is 9lbs 15oz, 22in..and there heads are the same now too..crazy how close they are..huh??? The dr also gave me a prescription for acid reflux and he said that in about a week i would see a difference if it was that and at two weeks we would really be able to tell if it was working. Well its been about a week and i am seeing a Im anxious to see how they will be in the next week..He had prescribed zantac and with Avery that didnt work at all but i thought well I will give it a try and see..I guess with acid reflux they dont have to be puking to have it..bc they dont spit up really at all..We also tried the chiropracter and well it didnt do anything in my opinion!!! She claimed that they were out of alignment but who knows..she also gave me some baby calm (natural stuff) and it gave my babies diarrhea so i stopped that right away too..

Other exciting news..Avery said two words together..Jared walked into the room and she goes "Hi Dada" It totallay melted Jareds heart..and mine:))) This is the first that either one of us has heard her say two words together like that.She usually just says one word...and of course its dada..(she is the biggest daddys girl ever)Im going to try to get it on video but we will see how well that goes...

Avery has finally started saying "mom" has always been more papa for mama..and if i ask her to say mama she still says papa but she will say after two years i finally am hearing her say "mom" :))) but guess how i get it...its more like moooooom (she is yelling it and drawing it out) but ill still take it:)) She has heard the girls yelling for me from uptstairs so she caught on to she goes around the house sometimes trying to find me and yelling mom..Luv it though!!!!

The new OT came and evaluted Avery last week and was really impressed with everything she saw..she couldnt believe how well she feed herself and that she can draw circles. She was looking over her previous goals that her other ot set for her and couldnt believe how difficult some of her goals werre that we had set but on the plus side Avery had actually met them:)) Overall Avery is doing very well...and our goal with OT right now is getting her ready for school..aaahh did i just say But i guess she does turn three this
But now i find out they are making DRASTIC budget cuts in SC so what does this mean for Avery..well we will just have to wait and see but she might not be getting services anymore..She isnt the only one either..About 30,000 kids they said on the news last night are going to be affected if it passes...That is nuts!!!! We will just have to see..

well i suppose i just want to leave you all with this link..if you are bored and want to go read this awesome birth will not be disappointed..She tells it so well..She expressed alot of the same emotions that I went through with Avery..some parts i felt like she could of been writing my own birth story..
just bring the kleenexes!!! Here is the link

L-Jayla, R-Jianna

L-Jayla, R-Jianna

Avery loves to try to help!!

Brielle is just starting to read in kindergarten and she is always wanting to read books to you so i told her to read to the girls:)) Seems like they all enjoyed it!!

If you ask Avery if she stinks she will plug her nose..or sometimes she will just come up to me and plug her nose...haha!!!


Holly said...

I have heard that colic could be an all day thing tho. the twins are getting so big already!! Cute too-huge eyes:) Avery has such long hair!! So cute Brielle reading to them and Avery looks so intent on listening to her too:)

WestSide Story said...

Such a beautiful family you have! The twins are getting so big, I see a huge resembelance with all the girls! Hope all is well and your getting some much needed sleep. Lisa

Amy said...

That last pic is cute. Kamalee does that funny! Idk what's going on with budget cuts but it stinks! Hope it doesn't get passed. That's TOO many kids it will affect. Keep us posted.

Michelle said...

Really, has it been two months?? Crazy! They even getting a little chunky... way to go girlies!! Avery is so cute helping out with the babies and Brielle too! See, you just have lots of helpers!! :)