Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few things I've been working on

So I've been working on my babies spring/summer wardrobe…here are a few things that I've made so far…Of course Ill totally share where I found the tutorial if possibly bc I truly believe to give credit where credit is due!!!!!!!  and these ladies work so hard on there tutorials to share so why not share them with you all so you can make them to if you want!!!
I made the black Valero jackets and the skirts..the shirts I bought at target…The patterns I got from here…They are free patterns…She is soooo talented and shares all of her patterns for free.. and it just so happens that her little girl is the same size as my twins so I don’t have to adjust the patterns at all..total awesomeness!!!  If you have never been over to check out her blog you really should if you are looking for something to make..
Jianna, Jayla

Jianna, Jayla
I bought these plain pink shirts at Target and knew that I had to dress them up a bit..so I bought some velveteen paint from Hobby Lobby and after you paint then put the iron over them to puff them up a bit..so easy and super cute I think..I mainly used the top of a pencil eraser and them some smaller stamps for the shapes..I think a flower on the side one of the organza or rolled flowers would be super cute..think Ill have to make one for them.. the skirts I made awhile ago but had made a different shirt to go with them but they outgrew the shirt so that is why I had  to make a new one…
Jayla, Jianna
Jayla, Jianna
Oohh these are so much fun and so easy to do..I seen the tutorial over here..They are the circle skirt and they are so twirly…I have since made myself one and Avery two..a brown one and one that looks like the one in her tutorial…like I said they are soooo easy..and my girls love them so much bc they can do this in them..lol
This has got to be my favorite so far..I got the pattern from here…Another free pattern from the same talented lady as the first picture…I LOVE this dress!!!!  I love the blue that she had made that I just totally had to find that blue and make my babies one..and it’s the same fabric that I made destiny’s skirt out of…I actually made these two dresses and the skirt for under ten dollars..YIPPPPEEE!!!!! I think I'm going to make a few more in a few different colors..I did have to call my MIL for help on the button holes..so thank you for your help..they turned out..Winking smile I had never did a button hole before and she has the same sewing machine as me so it is very easy for her to help me on my machine at least I think it is..lol!!! 
I have had a really hard time with pants with out a pattern bc they never fit over the bum…so I finally decided to but a pattern and so  I actually made some ruffle capris that fit like a T…Smile  The shop that I bought the patterns from is called Little Lizard King and they are on Etsy…the same shop that I bought the pants from had this adorable dress too that could be shortened into a top too..so that is what I did..theres a few other patterns over there that I am eyeing…
Jayla in both

On my list to make next is some more ruffle capris..a knotted top/apron dress…and a couple of dresses for my girls Easter dresses…oohh I just have to order some more fabric..I also have a couple pheasant dresses and pillow case dresses that I want to make….and I'm trying to figure out how to make some bows…they are kind of tricky actually..I spent many hours on them yesterday to have only ONE turn out on me..urrgghh..I'm also making some cute little tiny lined alligator clips for my babies hair..my list is never ending..lol!!  but it keeps me sane!!Smile

We are on spring break this week…but it looks like it is going to  be raining but we are going to try to make it to the zoo one day..and maybe the park..and then this week the Shriner Circus is also here so we might go to that..if Destiny gets better I took her to the dr and she has mono..last week it was Brielle with a sinus infection and now this week it is mono..This next month is going ot be really busy with bc it is all of Averys regular checkups that are routine..blood work, hearing, dentist (first one)/regular dr, nutritionist/special needs dr/ it seems like I'm missing a few and I probably am..but that’s its..ooh I know what it is..Destiny and Brielle both went in for there regular check up at the dentist and he said that we should start saving now for braces that Brielle is def going to need them and maybe Destiny on the bottom!!  So I had to make them both an appointment at the orthodontics. My babies are keeping me very busy as I have two walkers now..and they are into everything!!!! This last weekend they ended up dumping a whole bottle of baby powder upstairs everywhere so my whole upstairs smells lie baby powder and that stuff is not easy to clean up!!!  Then I come down stairs to find my wipes case emptied..I have one that loves to open things..she got into my sesame oil and opened it up and dumped it everywhere..that stuff stinks too!!!  Well I have two babies that are getting hungry so I better go for now!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I’m a BIG GIRL now!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I've been really busy…We have been doing a lot of this lately…
and this…{running around in our panties} yes she has a snuggly in the second picture..lol!!
and I'm happy to report that we pretty much got it whipped!!!! We have been working on it for around three weeks…there were a lot of times where I was about ready to throw in the towel and give up but I figured I started and I'm going to finish it bc I knew she was ready!!!  The first couple of days were really rough bc I could not for the life of me get her to go in the potty for the first time..The first day we of course had puddles everywhere and I would just watch her very, very, closely {pretty much stalk her all day} and run her into the bathroom quickly when I seen her start to pee…so then she was getting it that you go pee in the bathroom so she would run into the bathroom and then pee on the floor…Well then I got her to understand that it goes in the potty. So then the next day she would start to go but then stop and just hold it until I put a diaper on her at bedtime or naptime. See I have a very stubborn little girlSmile   but good thing I am much more stubborn!!!  So then we said bye-bye to diapers all together well that didn’t really fix it bc she just kept holding it and her stomach would be bulging from holding it all day and she would be saying “owie”  and then we had wet sheets for a couple of nights…Well I started to get creative to get her to go pee in the potty..I tried EVERYTHING!!! and nothing was working..until my SIL suggested putting her hand in a warm bowl of water…and Guess what she peed almost instantly..{grin}  So yes it actually does work!!hehe!!!  Well then it was kind of like a light bulb moment..and it kind of all clicked in place…or so  I thought bc we did end up going backwards the next day and I was so confused…ready to give up but no we kept pressing forward…and IM glad that we did..Yes there have been some panties that have landed in the garbage bc that is one thing that I cant really do clean poo out of panties!!! I have a weak stomach and my gag reflux kicks in and out they go as fast as possible! I know its kind of a waste but oh well…I was prepared I bought three packages of panties when we started;) She still has to have lots of help getting her pants down and getting on the potty but this will come..I'm not complaining bc she actually goes into the bathroom when she has to go without me asking her..So as soon as I hear the toilet seat hit the back of the toilet I go running like a mad woman to make it to the bathroom…This week is our third week into it and so far this last week we have managed to keep our panties on all day that we started with …WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I'm just going to say that one more time…WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  bc this is a HUGE deal in our house right now!!!!  I feel like climbing up to the roof top and shouting it and I'm sure my other girls will follow me and do it too bc they have  been helping me potty training her {hey, that’s four extra eyes watching her} Next task weaning her off of the treats…Avery   The babies and Avery have to go in the bathroom with me whenever I go well anyways..I know get the potty dance every time I go to the bathroom{grin} She is so proud of me….WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF HER!!!!!
I have been working on Avery’s room lately bc we have gotten her out of the crib {well that was a while ago but anyways I never did anything with her room so I wanted to make it more of a big girl room..and what better time to do it when she turned into a “Big Girl” with her potty training… We repainted her room and I painted this canvas for her room..don’t look to closely..it is my first painting on a canvas and its not perfection but I was pleased with myself!!!
I also made her this owl pillow for her bed…
The second picture is some canvas’s that I redid..she had them more baby and I wanted them more big  girl so I recovered them with 12x12 scrapbook paper that I liked using mod podge.. Then with the top on I cut about five inch circle from some white muslin fabric and folded them and just kept gluing them down until I liked it..and for the other one I just did a really big rolled flower out of white muslin fabric and glued it down…what do you think??? 

So I thought I would update on how Avery is doing on the sleep machine too…
She does really good putting it on at night..but it only stays on for about a couple of hours..bc she is still pretty restless and is all over the place when she is sleeping. So about every hour we go in and put the mask back on but when I go to bed it is usually off so I just leave it off. So we pretty much play this game every night..We had our check up with the sleep dr last week and they said that she is averagine2-2.5 hrs a night and they were really pleased with that..They said we were doing a great job..We had to bring the machine with us and she had to wear it for awhile and she did so good..there was an older boy..(id say about 12-14) and he wasn’t wanting to wear his mask and so the nurse walked by our room and made a point to point out how wonderful Avery was doing and she was only three.So that really helped me and assured me that we were doing a good job!!   At the end of the month we get to go back and do another sleep study since she is used to the mask.(boo!! I really dislike these sleep studies) This will hopefully increase her four to a higher number and it will help her sleep better which in return will help her leave the mask on a lot longer..When the machine is at a four pressure wise it is only helping her sleep apnea about 30% and we want it to help it 100% so the only way to get there is increasing the pressure..We knew that this was going to have to be done once when she got used to the machine..bc her last sleep study was such a disaster they thought they would just leave the machine at a four for temporarily and then increase it later when she got used the mask. I think she knows it helps her and that is why she doesn’t fight it..Im just so thankful that she doesn’t really fight it anymore..she did in the beginning..maybe she just knows that it’s a battle she isn't going to win bc she hasn’t yet!!  We are actually going to be getting a different mask bc the one she has right now is a little big..it goes in to her eye a little and how annoying can that be having air blowing into your eye!!!

Well that pretty much sums it up for now!!!  Hope you all have a great weekend…We are celebrating our 11th Anniversary on Friday and on Sunday its Avery’s fourth birthday..So we are going to have her bday party this weekend!!!