Thursday, April 30, 2009

What an eventful week AGAIN!!!!

Im telling ya'all it is just never ending at my house!!! Well where do i start?? It has been quite the week AGAIN!! Well i guess we will start where i left off last post...Well on Saturday Brielle came down with the same virus that the other girls had so that lasted a couple of days and then I got it and lasted a couple of was miserable..i was stuck on the couch in vertical postition for 3 days. it lasted 3 days with everyone..well anyways..So we all got over that virus..
Brielle went to the GI dr. She has been having alot of weird symptoms that have been going on the last two months so we went to the dr and he recommended that we go to the GI dr so we were scheduled to go at the end of may but then there was a cancelation so they called to see if we could take it so we went Wednesday. THey did lots of blood work, urine culture and bowel culture. and xray on her belly..well she was severly constipated so we have been working on really cleaning her out..poor girl..she had to have 8 capfuls of miralax and one exlax bar..she has been going non-stop for the last two days but she def got cleaned out..well i know that wasnt the only thing going on with we will see..but i am getting a little fed up with dr.s and frustrated too. The pediatrition told me that they would do allergy testing at the GI and the GI dr told me that they dont do allergy testing so i guess we are going to have to go to an allergy dr to do testint for that..but we will be waiting to see what comes back iwth the results.
Lets see what else could go wrong right?? Well then this morning Destiny is burning up again and complaining of a fever so i dont knwo what is going on with her now if we have the same virus back again..
ANd to top it all off Destiny brings me her brush after i get done brushing her hair and says mom is that lice again??? YEAP it sure is!!! Can i SCREAM now???!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! There i did...:)) SO i have been spending the entire night redoing everything again..retreating everyone, washing,vacuuming..and Destiny tells me that the girl next to her is itching her head alot..I asked her if she had been scoping out the kids for itching??? She says yeah!!! lol!! So i think i will be writing the teacher and asking that they move her right away!!! One more month of school..i cant makes me think about home schooling..i hate bugs and i hate LICE!!!!!!!!
Well i suppose i hear the dryer and have to keep it going so i can get to bed sometime...bc tomorrow is another day and we never know what tomorrow will bring:))

Friday, April 17, 2009

What a week!!

Well it has been an eventful week..On Monday Avery woke up with a fever..and it kept getting higher and higher..She averaged about 103 with medicine in her..i let it lasp over a little and it got up to 104.6 and i started to panic. But we got it back down to 103. So i was giving her tylenol and motrin every 3 hrs..for the last 3 days. Well finally on Tuesday when she kept running a high fever i thought i better take her to the dr and make sure its nothing serious..So they checked her white blood count and everything was good..he figured it was just a virus..I did have them look at her toe. On Monday there was nothing on her toe. But she woke up on Tuesday and the side of her big toe was black,purple,and green and quite a sight and puffy..I tired to look at it and she wouldnt let me so i knew it hurt. Well he gave her a anitbiotic for her toe bc he thought it was infected. Well yesterday her toe wasnt getting any better in fact it was getting worse. It was spreading all over her toe and it was twice the size it was before. She was in so much pain she couldnt walk on it. She would just rock with me..She would pick up my hand and put her foot in it to try to tell me to "Fix it mama" and then just look at me..I felt so bad bc there was nothing i could do for her. So i decided to take her back to the dr to look at it..At first he didnt know what or who we should see but then he decided that the pediatric surgeon should look at it and the only way to get him to look at it today was to go to the ER. So off I headed to the hospital. He figured it was all bc of an ingrown toenail. So he said we can either put her to sleep for a 5 sec procedure or try to numb it a little bit and basically pin her down and do it really quick. So thats what we did..It was pretty painful, and quick but he lifted up her toenail and then cut it out. It was pretty nasty to see..They wrapped her up pretty good and we were on our way. She was in alot of pain but he gave her some pain medicine and she still seems to be in pain this morning after i gave her some hopefully that goes away soon so shes not in anymore pain..We have to keep changing her gauze and keep it dry. He said it will probably ooze alot the first couple of days to get rid of all that pus that was in her toe. I wish i would of got a picture of her toe before hand(i guess i did on my phone but i dont know how to get it on the computer) but her is an after wrapped all up..The dr figured that was why she was having hthe high fevers too!! Poor little girl all bc of a toenail!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Dress!!

I thought it would be neat to post pictures of the girls in the same easter dress as Avery wore this year..The dress that Avery wore this year is from Destiny. It was to cute to get rid of and it some how worked out with each girl to wear it at Easter around the same age. Sorry if the picture quality is a little poor i had to scan in the pictures. You will see in the picture that Avery looks just like Destiny! Destiny was 18 months, Brielle was 27 months and Avery was 25 months!



Happy Easter!!!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!! Here are a few pictures. THe first one of the girls if you are wondering why Avery isnt in her easter dress well she had to much fun making a mess eating the jelly beans from the eggs:P
I am rocking my baby as I am doing this..not sure but I think the stomach flu has hit our house. Avery and Destiny are sick..Hopefully it is a fast moving virus.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Avery!!

This is really late but i guess better late then never..Well its hard to believe that my little dolly turned two on March 20th..Happy Birthday also to CJ (my cousin's little boy) they share the same birthday.he also turned two! She had a pretty good birthday..We were hoping that she would smear her brithday cake all over her bc she really didnt at her first birthday bc she couldnt really eat cake and didnt know what to do with it she was on baby anyways she didnt though..she got a little bit of frosting on her hands and freaked out..she has some issues with some stuff getting on her hands she doesnt like to touch alot of stuff which has somewhat to do with sensory issues like play dough she will chuck that stuff as fast as she touches it..but we tried to get her to eat the cake and frosting but she didnt like it either so i guess we were in a no win situation. She had fun opening presents though..but she didnt want to move on to the next present she just wanted to play with the toy and got mad if we tried to take the toy away and make her open another present. She did LOVE it when we sang Happy Birhtday to her so she got it sang to her many many times throughout the day.:))

We also celebrated our 9th Anniversary on the March 18..WOW!! 9 years already.(12 1/2 yrs that we have been together)..i guess that means one more year until we go to Hawaii:)) I have been telling Jared since we got married that on our 10th anniv we were going to Hawaii so we will see i guess he has been like yea ok..but know that it has been getting closer he's more like hesistant. i guess it kind of creeped up on him to fast..We were going to go out this past weekend for it but i guess we didnt make it so i am hoping that maybe next weekend we will get to..

Just a quick update on Avery...she has been doing really good with the tubes in her problems yet!!! Praise the Lord!! She is doing really good with her walking so far..she is still getting up and trying to walk so we are all excited about that..she just needs to keep practicing and she will get it done before no time. She got retested on her speech and was graded i guess at normal on two sections and a little bit below normal on the other sections. The speech therapist was really really surprised that she did that well so we bumped her therapy back to every other week..YEAH!!! Im not complaining!! As far as her physical thereapy we are bumping her back ot every other week on that to bc she is doing so good and feel that she would do fine with that..YEAH!!! im not complaining with that either..We still have Occupational therapy every week but that will probably stay the same bc they are working on writing and sensory issues and all the little fine motor hand issues..We have come such a long way but we are really excited to see what she accomplishes in her next year!! It is such a great feeling to see her accomplish something that she has been working so hard at..I love it!! It makes me slow down and appreciate all the little things that i sometimes took for granted with my other kids!!

Well wheew!! That kind of got lengthy but anyways here are some pictures from her birthday!! Sorry they are a little late!!

Avery's puppy cake that her daddy got was stuck in bed and it was all daddy!

He even had them write on the cake..Happy birthday Dolly:))

What do you want me to do with this thing??!!

Mmm..not really sure of the frosting.

She loved this box!!! Of all things..she made a slide out of it and keep going to the top of the box and scooting down saying "weeeee"

Brielle made the birthday girl a crown at school "Just for Dolly, Mom!!!"

She loved her new sunglasses!!

What a silly girl!!

Just had to post a few pictures showing her personality:)) This is when she first started to stand and she was so excited for herself..Doesn't she look like Destiny when Destiny was that age???!!! I think so!! She definitely looks like a toddler now and not my baby..sniff..sniff:((

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well this post is for my have all got to go check this out..Becky is in Cottage Grove, MN with the kids..there is a video on her and it shows a picture of the kids. I found this very interesting ans since i know that most of my family reads my blog i figured what better way to let the whole family know we finally know where the kids are!!!!!!! If the link isnt clickable just copy and paste it on the top of a new internet page..I guess if you click on unbelieveable it will take you right there to the website where is a video on Becky