Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!! Here are a few pictures. THe first one of the girls if you are wondering why Avery isnt in her easter dress well she had to much fun making a mess eating the jelly beans from the eggs:P
I am rocking my baby as I am doing this..not sure but I think the stomach flu has hit our house. Avery and Destiny are sick..Hopefully it is a fast moving virus.


Sarah said...

cute pictures. avery does look like destiny. looks like fun, we shouldve been there! :) also, its nice to see pics of the twins, your blog is the only way I know what they look like!

Amy said...


Michelle said...

Love the family pic! You guys have a an adorable family!! Brian and Boo... cute family too!! The twins are getting big! I can't believe all the kids...they are growing up so fast!