Thursday, April 30, 2009

What an eventful week AGAIN!!!!

Im telling ya'all it is just never ending at my house!!! Well where do i start?? It has been quite the week AGAIN!! Well i guess we will start where i left off last post...Well on Saturday Brielle came down with the same virus that the other girls had so that lasted a couple of days and then I got it and lasted a couple of was miserable..i was stuck on the couch in vertical postition for 3 days. it lasted 3 days with everyone..well anyways..So we all got over that virus..
Brielle went to the GI dr. She has been having alot of weird symptoms that have been going on the last two months so we went to the dr and he recommended that we go to the GI dr so we were scheduled to go at the end of may but then there was a cancelation so they called to see if we could take it so we went Wednesday. THey did lots of blood work, urine culture and bowel culture. and xray on her belly..well she was severly constipated so we have been working on really cleaning her out..poor girl..she had to have 8 capfuls of miralax and one exlax bar..she has been going non-stop for the last two days but she def got cleaned out..well i know that wasnt the only thing going on with we will see..but i am getting a little fed up with dr.s and frustrated too. The pediatrition told me that they would do allergy testing at the GI and the GI dr told me that they dont do allergy testing so i guess we are going to have to go to an allergy dr to do testint for that..but we will be waiting to see what comes back iwth the results.
Lets see what else could go wrong right?? Well then this morning Destiny is burning up again and complaining of a fever so i dont knwo what is going on with her now if we have the same virus back again..
ANd to top it all off Destiny brings me her brush after i get done brushing her hair and says mom is that lice again??? YEAP it sure is!!! Can i SCREAM now???!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! There i did...:)) SO i have been spending the entire night redoing everything again..retreating everyone, washing,vacuuming..and Destiny tells me that the girl next to her is itching her head alot..I asked her if she had been scoping out the kids for itching??? She says yeah!!! lol!! So i think i will be writing the teacher and asking that they move her right away!!! One more month of school..i cant makes me think about home schooling..i hate bugs and i hate LICE!!!!!!!!
Well i suppose i hear the dryer and have to keep it going so i can get to bed sometime...bc tomorrow is another day and we never know what tomorrow will bring:))


Holly said...

oh my word girl! and the hits just keep on coming!! that really sucks about the lice my sisters little girl has gotten it 4 or 5 times from school!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristy! We had the lice in our house a few weeks back! Yuck! I sure hope we don't get it back!! Hope it goes away soon for you, and for good!