Friday, April 17, 2009

What a week!!

Well it has been an eventful week..On Monday Avery woke up with a fever..and it kept getting higher and higher..She averaged about 103 with medicine in her..i let it lasp over a little and it got up to 104.6 and i started to panic. But we got it back down to 103. So i was giving her tylenol and motrin every 3 hrs..for the last 3 days. Well finally on Tuesday when she kept running a high fever i thought i better take her to the dr and make sure its nothing serious..So they checked her white blood count and everything was good..he figured it was just a virus..I did have them look at her toe. On Monday there was nothing on her toe. But she woke up on Tuesday and the side of her big toe was black,purple,and green and quite a sight and puffy..I tired to look at it and she wouldnt let me so i knew it hurt. Well he gave her a anitbiotic for her toe bc he thought it was infected. Well yesterday her toe wasnt getting any better in fact it was getting worse. It was spreading all over her toe and it was twice the size it was before. She was in so much pain she couldnt walk on it. She would just rock with me..She would pick up my hand and put her foot in it to try to tell me to "Fix it mama" and then just look at me..I felt so bad bc there was nothing i could do for her. So i decided to take her back to the dr to look at it..At first he didnt know what or who we should see but then he decided that the pediatric surgeon should look at it and the only way to get him to look at it today was to go to the ER. So off I headed to the hospital. He figured it was all bc of an ingrown toenail. So he said we can either put her to sleep for a 5 sec procedure or try to numb it a little bit and basically pin her down and do it really quick. So thats what we did..It was pretty painful, and quick but he lifted up her toenail and then cut it out. It was pretty nasty to see..They wrapped her up pretty good and we were on our way. She was in alot of pain but he gave her some pain medicine and she still seems to be in pain this morning after i gave her some hopefully that goes away soon so shes not in anymore pain..We have to keep changing her gauze and keep it dry. He said it will probably ooze alot the first couple of days to get rid of all that pus that was in her toe. I wish i would of got a picture of her toe before hand(i guess i did on my phone but i dont know how to get it on the computer) but her is an after wrapped all up..The dr figured that was why she was having hthe high fevers too!! Poor little girl all bc of a toenail!!!


Holly said...

Poor little girl!!! If its not one thing its another hey? lol Seems like you spend most of your time at the Dr.s;)

Kristi said...