Thursday, May 14, 2009

Avery's hospital stay!!

So it is ALWAYS something going on in my life..I guess maybe that is why I have a blog so i can blog about everything!! Right:)))
I hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day!!! We spent ours in the ER then followed by a stay at the hospital. I guess Ill start from the beginning...Avery woke up Saturday night/Sunday Morning early with having trouble breathing with the a bark of a cough so i instantly thought it was probably croup and remembered from last time to steam the bathroom..So Jared and I took our turns at 4:30am having a steam shower with Avery. Then we took her outside bc last time when she got croup and that is what worked really good..So it seemed to work for the time..Then she went back to bed and seemed to be a little better..So then on Sunday when she woke up she seemed to be doing better..So we decided to go to the zoo for Mothers Day..I guess that wasn't the smartest move..I feel terrible now..(Being outside with all the pollen probably made it alot worse) But she feel asleep in the stroller while we were walking the zoo and when we were loading her in the car to go home she was burning up..and then i realized she had lost her shoe..So i went back into the zoo and tried to find her shoe..By the time I got back to the van Jared told me that She wasn't doing good at we decided to go take her to the hospital..she started gasping and wheezing and it was taking her whole body basically just to breath...I tried to stay as calm as i could..but i was scared to death..all i could do is just constantly pray over her and try to comfort her bc when she got worked up she stopped breathing. (so instead of heading to strawberry hill where we were planning on going which would of been 30-45 min away from any close hospital, but since she lost her shoe we weren't that far away from the hospital) Crazy huh?? But awesome how God works!!! We both truly believe God was watching out for our little girl that day and night..
So we got to the ER and spent the whole day and night in the er..they did breathing(nebulizer) treatments and it still wasn't working.The ER dr said that usually with croup a few breathing treatments usually takes care of she figured something else was going on. So they did x-rays and thought it was pneumonia from the xray bc there was something on the xray in the lower right part of her lung. So the ER dr figured it was croup, and pneumonia. Then she talked about transferring her to the Children's hospital in Greenville, which is about 30-45minutes away..bc of better children's care. But then they gave her another breathing treatment and she seemed to be getting better a little.So we ended up staying at that hospital.But that's how it would go she would be better about an hour after each breathing treatment then she would go down hill fast!! So at about midnight they admitted her to the hospital and it just kept getting worse..They tried to get an IV in her and we didn't have any luck with that.They blew many veins and finally got one in her foot..While she was screaming and gasping was pretty rough!! So I finally got her calmed down and sleeping and then the nurse comes in and says they need to do blood work i guess they were suppose to do the blood work in the ER but they didn't get it done and the dr wants it done now..Are you kidding me???!!! So we had to do it all over again pretty much..By the end of it poor Avery was so traumatized by anyone that would come in her room she would just start screaming..We finally got her calmed down and then sleeping again..So they could do breathing treatments on her..They started out doing the breathing treatments every 4 hrs. She would do great the first hour then she would go down hill..her oxygen levels would drop to 80 and at times when she got worked up and then she would gasp for air and her oxygen levels would drop to 60..the whole time she is still using her whole tummy , neck everything basically to breathe.The dr that seen her that night had mentioned something about possibly being asthma. IT was a rough first night in the hospital. I have never been so scared in my life..I just kept praying!!
The next day at the hospital was pretty much the same thing..That night they gave her an antibiotic for pneumonia bc they were treating her for that too..On Monday they increased her breathing treatments every 3 hrs. The dr that came in that evening had said that he didn't think it was pneumonia and stopped the scheduled antibiotic. And this dr thought it had nothing to do with asthma. She was also getting doses of steroids to help her lungs. HE changed the breathing treatments to as needed basis to see if they could get her off of them so we could try to go home..but that night she needed them every 2-3 hrs. So when the new dr. came in that morning well he said that he wanted to try to keep her off of the breathing treatments and see how she does and monitor her oxygen. He also said that he figured that it wasn't pneumonia and that her lung collapsed and that no hospital dr should give us a asthma diagnosis. That is something her pediatrician should diagnosis. So she went all day and all night without breathing treatments and then on Wednesday we got to go home.

So are you confused yet?? lol..You have no idea..WE had a different dr tell us something different then the previous one...asthma..phneumonia..lung .collapsed..croup.and we were/are still was a messed up situation..I took Avery to follow up with her regular dr today and he was even confused after reading the told us to go to Greenville Memorial next time..But it looks like she had a severe case of croup and her lung collapsed. So that is what I'm going with i guess..I guess the lung will just fix themselves. He said that she is probably on the ends of it and we just need to do chest compressions (which they were going to do this in the hospital but one of the dr canceled the respiratory therapists orders bc he said it would hurt her worse which her dr had no idea why he did that) and try mucinex to loosen it up..Well that pretty much sums Avery up!!!

Brielle's GI dr called yesterday with the lab results and her WBC (white blood count) was really high and one other thing was really high(i wish i could remember but i guess its been a week so you'll have to excuse me on that one) so they want to redo her blood work..whew..if it ain't one kid it sure is the next one..huh??!!

Well Happy Mothers Day everyone!! Ill try to post some pictures from her hospital stay later..Jared has the SD card so i cant right now!! All I can say is I hope nobody has to go through that with there kids..IT was so rough but Thanks be to God that everything is ok and Avery is ok now..Thank you God!!!

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Amy said...

Oh Kristi! You and your poor girls! I think everything happens for a reason and all of this is going to make you STRONGER! I am so happy Avery is doing better.

Happy birthday BTW!