Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Few Christmas Presents that I made this year

Now that Christmas is over I can show you all some of the Christmas presents that I worked on…. I was def busy,busy, busy!! Whew I'm glad its over and believe it or not I got a sewing machine for Christmas and its till in the box…I just need a break…lol!!! But I'm dying to try it out and maybe we (the new machine and me)  wont get in so many heated discussions…like my poor other machine really got the heat from me sometimes..haha!!!  I think my husband got tired of listening to me complain about my pile of junk!!!!  So thanks hubby for the new machine :) 
Anyways I found these scarves over  here and knew that was exactly what I was going to make my friends for Christmas…so I really liked them that i then made myself one  two bc I couldn't decide which fabric I liked better and then made one for my girls bc we were getting colder weather and they were being neglected:)
 DSC_9212 DSC_9213
I made a more colorful one for Avery..these scarves are really awesome and comfortable…I used the same fabric that they used in the tutorial bc I LOVED it!! 
DSC_9209 DSC_9210
and bc they were all being neglected I made them some hats too…for Avery I seen this really neat upcycled  t-shirt hats here that I wanted to do so I went to find some scraps of fabric that would work good together and came up with this…sorry for the pic overload..I couldn't resist Avery was just having to much fun being my model:) 
DSC_9204 DSC_9205
DSC_9206 DSC_9207
For the babies I followed this tutorial and came up with this really cute hat. I think so anyways;) but  I had Avery model it bc the babies were sleeping..she was just having way to much fun!!! 
DSC_9219 DSC_9220
So yeah sorry back to some of the Christmas presents that we made… For all of Avery’s therapists we made these hand sanitizers …super easy and super functional …They all LOVED them…Will def repeat this one…. sorry for the grainy picture it was taken at night . The second one is the one I did for the girls teachers...tutorial here for both of them…
DSC_8468 c DSC_8470 c
Then the girls and I made these baby Jesus ornaments for all of the nieces and nephews around here..and for the Sunday School teachers. We had fun…totally easy..found them here
 DSC_8476 c
Stay tuned for the gifts that we made for the girls!!!!

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Michelle said...

Wow... you we busy!!! I love my scarf and it is so soft!!! Love the hats too, so cool that you are making all this stuff! You are going to have to teach me.... someday! Great job!