Saturday, January 29, 2011

She got a shorter cast…Whoop!!! Whoop!!!

We went back to the orthopedic doctor this week…When the doctor in training (the doctor wasn’t even in the room supervising him)  went to go and cut the other cast off he ended up cutting Avery with the saw. She was doing just find and then all of a sudden she started shaking so bad and started screaming and I was like what in the world just happened…and he says oh sometimes the machine gets a little warm so that might be what she is feeling..well anyways when they took her cast off she was bleeding…{Yes you read that right} Bleeding where he cut her..Lets just say that I was NOT HAPPY at all!!!! and he tried to cover himself…  Then the dr.  guy put the saw down and forgot to shut if off and ended up getting the nurse too!!! 
Avery is trying to pick off her cast..she was not happy at all when they went to put another one on..she gave that guy the LOOK!!!! HA!!  The new cast isn't as hard as the first one so we don’t have to use the saw to get it off..They told her she can walk on it if she wants too..but she doesn’t..It almost seems like she is in more pain now with the shorter cast..It is also starting to unravel so we might have to go back there next week again…uurrgghhh!!!!

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