Monday, January 3, 2011

Some of the girls homemade gifts this year

Is anyone else's girls into the American girl dolls???  or any other 18” doll???  Well mine are really into them..and this year seems like they really have fallen head over feet into them..  so decided to make them a few things for there dolls for Christmas.. first up on the list is a bed of course…they need a place to sleep right…:)  So Jared did the wood part for the bed and then I painted it and sewed up some bedding for it…tutorial here for the bed and I have to add he did tweak the pattern a little… and here for the bedding…. it turns out we used some of the same fabric..not intended at all…got mine from Hobby Lobby jelly roll..first time i have ever used a jelly roll
The dolls need some pjs to sleep in right???!!! Brielle's doll even has bed head..HA!!
DSC_9175 DSC_9169
Then we did some dressers for them bc I was sewing them some outfits and where would they put them..right??? This one we made up ourselves..I had the idea in my head and tried to draw it out for Jared and then  he tweaked it some..and built them and then I painted them…it was a very long week before Christmas..lots of long nights!!!!  Next time we will start early!!!!
Next up we had to have some clothes to go with them dolls right???!!!:)   They each got one of these outfits..and them pillowcase dresses are super easy to make!!!!  I found an Oliver+S doll pattern online then I tweaked it a little bc it was too small for the target next generation dolls…and tweaked the collar a little too…but maybe 15-30 minutes per dress!!!
DSC_9178 DSC_9172
Then I made each one a skirt too but now Brielle wants me to make them some shirts to go with there skirts.. I think they have a list of stuff for me to make for there dolls..I actually am going to have my mother in law send me some of my wedding dress materials and make them a wedding dress for the dolls…I think they would love that!!!!  Well I also made Avery a few gifts too…this little chef hat and apron that i found the tutorial here
DSC_9173 DSC_8911
along with some potholders to go with too..believe it or not but all of the fabric was from a twin sheet set..
Of course her dolly need some wipes and diapers too also from the same blog as the apron set…. perfect stocking stuffers!!! 


Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

Wow - 5 girls?! I only have three, and I can't imagine how you found the time to make all of this. Homemade gifts are so much fun. The first dress is my favorite (with the elastic neckline). Is that the one that you modified the Oliver + S pattern for?

My littlest one (almost 22 months) got a new baby doll for Christmas, and I've been thinking of making her some baby wipes too.

Kristi said...

No, the pillowcase looking dresses are the ones that i modified from the Oliver + S pattern....the other one I found online too...but I cant remember where..i tried to find it but couldnt