Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year…We did our little Christmas on Christmas Eve..Even though we didn't go home (back to SD) for Christmas..I'm Ok with that..bc I really didn't want to..it gets to be to chaotic with all the different Christmas’s  and really our kids are old enough that we have started our own family traditions and it is just really nice to be home (in sc ) for Christmas..I guess after living here for 10 years I should be able to call it home..We have made it home!!!!  So for our Christmas we went to evening service at our church…then came home and I had made a small turkey dinner for us…I should of taken the pictures before we ate but oooppps  I didn't so sorry for the dirty black shirts.  lol!!!  The skirts I made for them..I should of made them shorter but next time I will..I just LOVE the ruffle fabric and have been dying to make something with it…
Jianna, on right, Jayla on left
Destiny is holding Jayla, Brielle with Jianna
This is as good as I got..with five it gets to be a little difficult sometimes..lol
My babies are walking all over with the push toys..I cant believe it..Crazy!!! 
DSC_8854 DSC_8862
Then after supper was clean..We read the Christmas story from the Bible..the girls wanted to read it this year so they took turns…
The girls opening up there beds..They loved  them..can you tell by Brielle's face:)
The girls trying to open there dressers..apparently the paint dried with them shut so it was really hard to open them the first time…
The babies opening up some gifts..Jayla was only interested in her bottle!!!!
Avery loved opening gifts this year..she kept signing more after each one..hehe!!  And she wouldn't take off her chef set..She got a lot of  good therapy toys this year…especially this leap frog scribble and write..I have to say is the coolest toy I have EVER seen..and if your kiddo is trying to write look into this toy..Avery loves it..it shows you what to do first..like there is a draw option so it will do a line down and then you trace it..there are also letters too.. but we are at the basics first..like lines and shapes..I can not saw anything bad about this toy..when we had everyone over for Christmas every kid wanted to play with this toy!!!!  and i think it is pretty cheap..got it off of leap frog website when they were having a sale…
The girls both got some boots..
Kind of looks like a tornado went through..huh????!!!
Yeap Jayla still has her bottle..
Trying to ride on there car..

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