Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Jayla & Jianna

Wow!!!  Happy First Birthday to my sweet little girls!!!  Its been a crazy, crazy year..Having twins has its challenges but it also has so many rewards… I feel truly blessed to have twins!!!  Maybe when they start school  I will get to catch up on my sleep… But I have to say that I'm looking forward to the future and wouldn't really want to go back to bad!!!  But lets just go back in time for a little  bit….
 DSC_5132 DSC_5178
Aaahhh they were so sweet and boy did they love to cuddle up to each other..and to tell you the truth they still do..I just now separated them into there own cribs this past weekend and it was really hard on them and on me!!!  But it was time bc they were running out of room.. My girls really like to cuddle up to each other so they really had a hard time adjusting. If I had a bigger crib I would of kept them in the same crib..but I suppose once they get out of there crib I can put them both in a double bed so they can sleep with each other again:)
Jayla, Jianna
DSC_5489 bw copy copy
Jianna, Jayla
DSC_5636 copy
Jianna, Jayla
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DSC_5734 copy
See it seems like in a blink of an eye they go from a tiny newborn to my one year old little princesses!!!!  Where does it go?????   Really!!!!! 
Jianna, Jayla
DSC_9393 c DSC_9378 c
Jayla, Jianna
DSC_9457 cc

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DSC_5472 take 2 DSC_9305DSC_9294
We celebrated there first birthday with family!  Jianna on the left and Jayla on the right..Jianna had a pink cake bc she has has always been pink since the hospital and Jayla has always been purple since the hospital. Here's a picture just to help you remember what I'm talking about…{the hats}
Jianna, on the left and notice how clean she is and the picture was taken at the end..She is kind of my prissy little girl and didn't want to get dirty at all..she didn't like it!!!!!  So clean up was a cinch for her!!! Jayla on the other hand well as you can tell from the picture she had a blast with her cake and demanded a bath afterward!!! 
 DSC_9666 DSC_9674
So we stayed true with the whole color thing too when we had them open there presents..but as you can tell in the picture Jayla is way more interested in Jianna’s of course!!!! 
Jayla thinking Jianna needs some help opening her presents:)
Jayla really don't look real thrilled with hers..huh???LOL!!!!
Both of them going at it with this one….  
 DSC_9476 c
Happy First Birthday my sweet little princesses!!!!! You girls are into everything right now, and driving me crazy many moments but its makes life very interesting!!!  You aren't walking quite yet no rush from me :o) but I know it will be pretty quick bc Jianna you are taking a couple of steps by yourself and you can go up the stairs too… but Jayla well you just get stuck at the  bottom of the stairs all the time and then just cry until you get brought upstairs:) See you got it figured out!!!!  I think you both figure why walk when you can crawl and you guys can boogie crawling..You both are very in tune to what the other one is doing..and don't really play nicely with each other..Jayla you are a little stinker and like to take pretty much everything away from Jianna. You both like the corners of your blankets..You will keep moving your blankey along until you find the corner to suck on..and rub with your fingers. We really cant go anywhere without them. I haven't tried but I don't want to either. I swear you two are one most of the time bc you do so much of the same stuff. You are both allergic to oatmeal. I have to say that over the last year Jianna was pretty much the first one to do alot of the milestones..I suppose being the first born she has that advantage over you Jayla. For the whole year you have both measured the same in length at your well visits and your heads were the same but the weight would be off by an ounce or two and Jayla you are always the bigger one!!! My bank account just got a little bit richer bc we have weaned you both from formula and are now on whole milk.  Next major milestone will be diapers..whew!!!!!  Jianna you are very vocal and I would say alot more vocal then Jayla..changing your voices and giggling alot more..Jayla tries to hold in her laughs it really is kind of funny..I'm looking forward to the next year with you two to see how much more you change from one another or if you two stay the same!!!!


Michelle said...

Wow! they are growing up so fast! Seems like just yesterday you told me you were having twins!!! Happy Birthday, Girls!!

WestSide Story said...

Happy Birthday little ones!!!