Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family Christmas

We spent Christmas Day with Jared’s family..I had Christmas this year at our house..and everyone came over..We didn't do any fancy meal this year..This year we decided to do appetizers..That was a good idea..and so we had a BIG variety of a lot of different appetizers and then a whole bunch of goodies of course!!!  This Christmas down here was the BEST!!!!  WHY???  bc We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!  I'm not sure who was more excited a bunch of adults (who all are from snowy states)or the kids…HAHA!!  It snowed all day on Christmas and all through the night..It has been more then 60 years they said since SC has had a white Christmas…It really was picture perfect!! 
Some of the kids building a snowman….and Avery just eating the snow..haha!!!!  She couldn't stop…she loved it!!
Some of the kids sledding down our back hill..on boogie boards of course….that is South Carolina sledding!!! LOL!!!
We had the outside fire going all day too so you could just sit outside and drink hot cocoa and watch it snow and be all snuggly by the fire:)
We played a couple of games…One for the kids and one for the adults..For the kids we wrapped a box up with a few goodies and then put layers upon layers of wrapping paper on..(from our experience the little ones didn't like this game at all..we had more crying then what it was worth…but the older ones were ok with it..Then we had Boo play some songs on the piano and stop every now and then and then when the music stopped the kid had to stop wrapping and give it to the next kid…and so on and so on until it was all the way unwrapped!!!
For the adults game well now that was just hilarious!!!! We had a big box, then inside that big box was two other boxes and only one of the boxes had a prize in it.so when you open the first box you don't know which box to go for next...and lets just say that they wrapped it pretty good..with package tape, and wrapping paper many many times on each box!!!!!  So what you do is all sit in a circle and put the box in the middle…Then there is a pair of dice that is going around in the circle and when you get the dice you shake and if you get doubles you get to go and try to open the box..until the next person gets doubles…Sounds pretty easy huh????  Well nope before you can try to open the box you have to put on a hat, scarf and gloves…The gloves is what makes it tricky..and you want the prize in the box so you are hurrying trying to get the box open bc you don’t know how long you have until the next person gets a chance!!! Here's some pictures from it!!
DSC_9031DSC_9035 DSC_9034 DSC_9037
The winner was Chase..a gift certificate to Olive Garden!!! 
Some of the kids opening up gifts..excuse the little blur spot apparently there was a smudge on my lens.. I caught it after a couple of pictures so these ones have to do:)
Do you like the outfits that I made my babies..little appliqué candy cane shirts with some ruffly black bottoms:)
Some of the kids got these marshmallow shooters from the grandparents!!!  I have to say Thank you for marshmallows everywhere:o)   All the kids had a blast with them though and even the adults did too..We were having marshmallow wars..haha!! The girls were pink camo..so cute!!! 
Yep she is getting ready to shoot one at me:)
The girls all got these dollies that Jared’s mom made with outfits that she made too....aren't they cute..each one was different with different colored hair..these ones are only my girls but not one of them were alike..so cute and the girls all liked them!!! If anyone is interested she actually has an etsy site now…she is slowly starting to add stuff to it…but I did see that the dolls were on there!!!  Here’s the link…http://www.etsy.com/shop/Cottonbees?ref=seller_info
I couldn't resist..SORRY!!!!  HAHA!!!  Love it!!

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Bethany said...

No fair!!! Still waiting for more than an inch of snow here!! Looks like you guys had a fun day ... Love family time!!