Friday, January 28, 2011

We got hit hard!!!!

We got hit hard …by another snow storm…it was actually awhile ago. HA!  I know I'm just now getting around to post some pictures from it..but if you remember I kind of had a bad week…so bare with me
DSC_9738 copy
Six-Seven Inches to be exact depending on where you measured at…..The whole state basically shut down for a week..The kids had no school for a WEEK…It was insane!! Being from the Midwest it is a little funny when you hear the Governor call a statewide emergency for 6-7 inches of snow..HAHA!!!!!!!!!
I figured all you South Dakotans would get a kick out of these pictures of Destiny shoveling with a floor scraper!  HA!
snow storyboard 2
Avery once again had a blast in it!!!  She had a hard time walking in it this time though bc it was so deep!!!
I couldn’t keep Destiny and Brielle inside long enough…They kept wanting to go out sledding…It started out just snow then it turned into sleet and so everything started to get really messy then. So when you have ice on top of snow it makes for some really fun sledding SC way of course with boogie boards..hehe!!!! 
snow storyboard
Did you catch Avery crawling up the hill…Ha!!  She was so determined to go sledding and since she couldn’t walk in it she started crawling up the hill!!
Trying to ice skate on the snow!!  It actually worked pretty good!!
After many days of the snow sticking around and trying to come up with ideas for the kids to do something before they literally drove me right up the wall..We decided to color the snow!!!!
DSC_9845 copy


Here a few videos of the kids sledding and don’t mind me in the videos..especially the last ones!!
Destiny and Dolly sledding and wiped out

Destiny and Brielle sledding w/ wipe out at the end!!!

Avery had so much fun sledding on her bottom on top of the ice…She wanted to go outside so bad one day with Destiny and Brielle and I told her she couldn’t go outside bc I didn’t want to bundle her all up right what does she do..she goes over puts her hat, and scarf and boots  on and heads outside..well I guess you can since you got dressed by yourself {grin}
Avery sledding on the ice snow on her bottom!!!

Avery sledding again on her bottom

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Michelle said...

LOL! love the last video! She really did go fast!!